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  1. godoman

    godoman Jedi Nuba

    I need feedback from everybody on how to, after washing a car and waxing it is complete, wipe glass on cars the fastest.

    I see on they have these waffle weave towels that they insist are the best for quickly wiping off streaks from glass leaving all windows and mirrors flawless.

    this is the final step I am struggling with not using chemicals. what I have been doing is steam cleaning the cars and then i go ahead and save the windows for last and use the glass cleaning towels that I got from (which are ok with glass cleaner) but I just cant figure out a fast method for the life of me. after I have the cars cleaned there is light streaking from the soap mixture/steam method i use after. I can use the glass towels I have but there is a ton of resistance from these towels dry. there is no heavy dirt on these windows when i am trying to buff them out streak free.

    i have started using the uber no name super plush towels to try rubbing out the streaks and I am finding that I am getting good results but i want to have less resistance for this minimal streak resistance.

    will the waffle weave towels allow me to do this? car washes that have people drying the car down with the same towels that they used to dry the car down seem to be having moderate success, but I want better and faster.

    any response would be greatly appreciated from all of you


    no moisture to minimal moisture is on the windows by the way, just a heads up. the streaks left after cleaning are dry and thin, just want to make it effortless and fast.
  2. godoman

    godoman Jedi Nuba

  3. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

    Try the glass towels that DD sells. Very tight knit and seem to do a good job for me.

    What glass cleaner do you use?
  4. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Are you just doing the exterior glass?
  5. godoman

    godoman Jedi Nuba

    yeah, just the exterior glass but I want to also open the door and hit the interior glass really quickly when I am doing mobile detailing. when I open a shop that does just wash and waxes I want to only hit the outside glass to let the customer go on their way.

    any ideas?

  6. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Waffle weave glass towels and straight water.
  7. godoman

    godoman Jedi Nuba


    you're the best!!!

  8. filipna

    filipna Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    any suggestion on what waffle weave glass towel? Maybe one I can buy in bulk.

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