Gel Coat Correction?

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  1. 3PedalMINI

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    I have a jetski and want to get it ready for the season, Part of that is wanting to take care of the minor swirls. What would you guys recommend i use to correct it? i have Menzerna polishes but dont know if i should just make it easier on myself and go for the 3M gel coat polishes?

    Thanks! :thumb:
  2. junebug

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    Depends, I've done a few boats and the gel coats were old and oxidized really bad. In those cases, Shurbuff's Buff Magic, wool pads, an a rotary will save you a ton of time and back pain. If its just light swirls, your Menzerna polishes should work,
  3. Perfections

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    Your menzerna is fine.. Anything sip and above in cut and you're good.

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