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  1. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    Please see my other thread for various pads and clays.

    This thread will be for all other items: waxes, compounds and polishes, etc.

    For sale or for trade (trade list at bottom)
    Looking to get back into detailing again, and try out the latest and greatest. Would like to get rid of the items I'll never use before they go bad. So feel free to make some offers.
    Keep shipping costs in mind when making offers, from PA 17519
    PM, email theshineshop@gmx.com or turbopmkn@yahoo.com

    Will update this and add items as I get time to go through my shelves and boxes.
    All items kept in my basement over the colder months
    No pics unless requested

    Swissvax paint rubber, used
    Swissvax Mirage 90-95% *SOLD*
    Swissvax Zuffenhausen 98%
    Swissvax Samurai 95%

    Pinnacle Soveran 95%
    Wolfgang Fuzion sample 60%
    Dodo juice Orange crush sample 95% *SOLD*
    Petes 53 70% *SOLD*
    FinishKare High temp paste wax 90%
    Autoglym HD new *SOLD*

    Optimum Compound 2 *SOLD*
    Optimum Polish 2 *SOLD*
    Optimum Finish *SOLD*

    12oz sample of AUTOSMART Ali Shine wheel cleaner
    12oz sample of Stoners Tarminator (pure liquid to be put in spray bottle, not aerosol can)

    1Z Einszett paint polish new
    Simoniz System 5 paint protection coating 4oz new

    Duragloss 105 polish 70% *SOLD*
    Duragloss 501 60% *SOLD*
    Duragloss 601 80% *SOLD*

    Sonax NTS7 liquid shield 500ml 90%
    Pinnacle XMT 360 12oz 90%
    Menzerna IP2000 250ml 90%

    Klasse AIO 33.8oz 90%
    Klasse sealant glaze 16.9oz 70%
    Danase pure polish 90%
    Poorboys polish with sealant 95%
    Menzerna PO115c glaze 1qt 90%

    Prima wheel armor 8oz new *SOLD*
    Autoderm rehydrating wax 40%

    1Z Einszett intensive paste 1qt 40%
    1Z Einszett high gloss polish 1qt 90%
    1Z Einszett final finish 80%

    3M Ultrafina polish 1qt new (or samples avail)
    Prima Cut
    Prima Swirl
    Prima Finish
    Prima Mystique
    Prima Amigo
    Prima Hydro wash, Hydro seal, Hydro spray

    16oz Meguiars Gold Class car wash
    Quixx polish
    Quixx wax

    Chemical guys:
    Sticky gel orange wheel cleaner, samples from gal
    721 95%
    728 95%
    Clear Seal detailer 75%
    Clear Seal detailer new
    SpeedArmor357 60%
    EZcreme glaze 75%
    Butter wet wax new
    Clear liquid extreme shine 90%
    Rocket polish 95%
    Nonsense new
    Leather conditioner 75%
    M-seal 1gallon 60%

    Grit Guard universal pad washer new *SOLD*

    Meguiars G110V2 polisher with Meguiars carrying bag
    would prefer to sell/trade without backing plate, but is avail.

    Meguiars G110 polisher with black plastic case and all accessories *SOLD*

    2x Autoglym Perfect Palm Applicators New in packaging

    500ml Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner NEW

    Meguiars DACP #83 1gal about 70% full, or samples

    48oz Zymol Auto Wash 70%

    16oz PoorBoys Quick Wax + 95%

    Surf City Clearly Better Glass Cleaner 8oz (tested on 1 window)
    Surf City Pacific Blue Wash and Wax 8oz (about 97%)

    Simoniz GlassCoat Coating (applied similar to Cquartz)
    2oz bottles NEW

    16oz Smartwax ONE 55%
    New Meguiars wash sponge, generic sponge
    Meguiars Leather cleaner/conditioner 1gal 50% full or samples

    150ml CarPro Ceriglass glass polish 95%+
    Griots Garage 6" glass polishing pads

    Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish 85%
    Blackfire Wet Diamond paint protection with polycharger 90%
    Blackfire Scratch resistant finishing polish 90%
    Blackfire Long Lasting Tire Gel 95%

    Detailers Domain "eat, sleep, detail" t-shirt, red, size medium
    was washed but never worn. *GIVEN AWAY*

    Snap on 6" DA sander, brand new (will ship without box due to size.

    Astro mini DA sander, with 3" and 1" baking plates *SOLD*

    up to 3x Mini Black Razor blade scrapers
    similar to this only black plastic http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Stanley-Mini-Razor-Blade-Scraper/6395261/product.html

    microfibers (new or very little use)
    microfiber wash
    EMPTY AutoFinesse iron out, lather, avalanche Bottles
    Autofinesse Wax Mate
    Rupes pads
    Autoscrub towel or simiar
    Gloss-it products
    3D car care degreasers or APC
    GALLONS of products
    or let me know what else you may want rid of!

    Updated 1/18
  2. .:RTime

    .:RTime Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    how much for the pad washer?
  3. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    All PM's replied to
  4. wise 85

    wise 85 Virgin Detailer

    PM sent
  5. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    Haven't received any messages from you.. please send another
  6. Beachzone

    Beachzone Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Interested in anything I have here?

    Wolfgang Fuzion - 90%
    Opti-Coat 2.0 - 1 NEW, 1 @12.5cc
    Opti-Lens - 5cc
    CQuartz Original Coating - 1 NEW, 1 @ 20ml
    Menzerna IP2000 - NEW
    Wolfgang Deep Gloss PS 3.0 - 12oz
    1Z Einzett Bug & Tar Remover - 80%

  7. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    I wouldn't mind trying the CQuartz and Einszett bug&tar
    I'm on the fence about the opti-coat...
  8. Beachzone

    Beachzone Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Sounds good to me... I'm interested in the SV Mirage. I'd like to work something out. I can add cash if necessary

  9. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    Updated list, will be adding more items over the next few days.

    All PM's and emails were replied to, if you haven't gotten a response yet, please message again.
  10. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    Had the time to go through another box and added a few more items. More items to come this weekend.

    First person to make a deal today-sunday and send payment will receive the Detailers Domain "eat, sleep, detail" shirt, red size medium (brand new) FOR FREE.
  11. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    good luck with the sale. lots of great products here.
  12. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    Thanks Phil! All of this is funding my 3rd order from you this month. Gotta love Christmas sales!
  13. icutrauma1

    icutrauma1 New Member

    pM sent
  14. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    Finally had a chance to add a couple items.
    All PM's have been replied to, and thanks everyone for some nice trades. I'm not looking to make money here, or come out on top with the better end of the deal.. just looking for some items that I know I'll use rather than having these sit on the shelf for the next year untouched.
  15. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    Looking for GALLON CONTAINERS of products, I'm tired of 16oz bottles.
    If you've got something you know you'll never use, lets make a deal!

    Probably last bump for this thread.. will start a new one at a later date.

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