for those looking for gas after sandy

Discussion in 'Detailers Domain' started by gaber, Nov 2, 2012.

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    That is incredible. I just seen that on my yahoo page . . . . . . people are fighting over fuel. Is this a glimpse of the future and what we will see if gas prices continue to inflate?

    Hopefully everything gets better for them soon.
  3. Chaseme

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    No...people will continue to pony up no matter the price. They will grumble..but they will ultimately pay.

    I'm going to throw this out and say more and more hybrids/EVs get on the roads, the price of gas will continue to won't drop.

    Generally things follow the supply and demand model; a high demand drives cost up, a low demand drives them down. But I don't think that will be the case.

    Quite frankly..the whole EV thing would fail too; how many blocks of Manhattan are still without power? At least petrol cars don't have to rely on electricity.
  4. vtec92civic

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    Here people are siphoning gas like it's liquid gold. I think people will eventually riot over all his in the future.

    What they should do to be fair would be to limit the amount of gas one person can buy to make enough for everyone.

    So many gallons per person per day.
  5. Kilo6_one

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    My thoughts exactly............ zero oil as they term it, is a very real issue in the near future. And this is just the 3rd day into a shortage, California briefly experienced this last month when oil spiked. My advice, if you can afford it if you catch wind of a shortage buy gas cans and stock up 20 gallons of gas at home. I do
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    hey all its been awhile since I posted its been quite hectic.

    We now have POWER at the shop and at home so we will be back to business on Monday!

    Here are a few photos from my week.

    If you look closely a BIG tree down in front of the police car 2 houses from mine.

    Another view

    Here is one from my normal commute by my house.

    Okay so my gas story - drove to one gas station on rt 17 waited 1 hour only to find out there was no diesel, got a tip from a buddy that they had no lines and only diesel gas left at a 24 hour Shell station only 30 miles away from my home.

    Got there and got gas. The next morning I filled up some gas tanks for the generator and my other car 30 miles out from my house in upstate NY. line was about 25 minutes not bad at all.

    I have seen lines with over 100 cars back with police and national guards. So the news is accurately telling the story.

    Sorry this one is not a great photo but a line of about 50 to the pump with gas cans to be filled

    Here is a line from the night I picked up diesel for the Q7.

    That is not a traffic jam that is the line (south bound on the Garden State Parkway) that's only the tail end of it.
  7. Kilo6_one

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    that is just crazy, but understandable. Sad that in today's society national guard and police have to stand by at gas stations so people don't start shooting....... Sort of reminds me of food lines in somalia.
  8. sydtoosic

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    i have a quarter tank and i'm not moving until this problem is resolved. i'm wearing out the soles of my Timberlands, i've never walked so much in my life. glad to hear you're back in business on monday Phil.
  9. sydtoosic

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    is anyone experiencing price gauging at the pumps?
  10. sydtoosic

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    just found out they're giving away free gas at the armory on archer ave. in jamaica queens. 10 gallon limit. the line is ridiculous.
  11. CG SoCal

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    Price gauging during natural disaster is a violation of law. At least in California where we have lots of earthquake situations that leave people without water, food and fuel. Over charging people during a natural disaster like Sandy is very wrong. Suggest you contact authorities if you see obvious gauging.
  12. mrd0t

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    Ike left me without power for 14 Days, but we were properly prepared for it as all our neighbors came together and helped each other out. Filled up all the cars ahead of time, and played board games all day. Earlier seen a lady on CNN saying there were going to die after just 3 days, crazy to depend so much on government to save them as she was crying out "Obama Help Us".
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    Being in Virginia, we didn't get it as bad in my area. Luckily for us it was 100 miles off the coast so it didn't hit us as hard, but we still got flooded cause that's just the area. One tunnel was closed and there were even stores that were flooded out. Thankfully, I personally did not lose power but for five minutes. Last time a storm came through it was flooded even worse and a few storms before that, we lost power and water for two weeks. Never want to experience that again. If it didn't turn like it did, we would be in the same position or maybe even worse as the rest of the areas affected because of the way this area floods. I hope people out there realize that there are other ways to get around other than driving, and not start seriously fighting over something as stupid as gas for cars. Walking is always good for those that are capable. :)
  14. Frankastic

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    Wow it's sad to see my home turning into this... I guess no F1 racing in June?
  15. Chaseme

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    Don't get me started on politics. This is Obama's Katrina. And he is not alone in his failure. Chris Christie is lacking.

    At the end of the day it is up to individuals to come together. The government should not and financially cannot support its people. Take care of yourself first, take care of others second. This liberal ideology that the government is a savior that promises all these great things for free doesn't work.
  16. Mr. Hyde

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    Huh. This brings light to me as I do not watch tv whatsoever. I knew the storm brought a lot of trouble, but for me up here in the middle of nowhere, I'm so distanced from it all. I hope everyone is doing alright. Hopefully everything will get better soon, and everyone can work together instead of the other.
  17. DirtyWeRX

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    Thats my issue. Living in the dead center of the country, I cant even imagine what a hurricane is like. It doesn't help that I dont watch the news (or TV in general) and I don't read the news paper. I do listen to the local radio station in the morning... I am the most uninformed individual you'll ever meet.

    Ive experienced flash flooding once back in... 1994? I dont remember it all too well because I was 5, but the Mississippi River flooded and I remember watching it at the peak of its height by The Arch downtown.

    Doesn't gas "go bad" after a little while... like 2 weeks? I cant remember where I heard it from, but if its false, Ill start hoarding that sh!t... although I need 93 octane for my WRX
  18. Chaseme

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    The octane level degrades over time...but I don't think the loss is huge. Maybe a couple octane every year.
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