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  1. nyrep1

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    quick question i have a guy who's cars i do basic services to. well he recently purchased a black murci...and its in need a polish. my question is that washing this car is truly a pain in the rear. so many cracks and crevices and even at 6ft i can barely reach the center line of the car in some spots. if (big if) i chose to do a two stage polish to this car are there any tips anyone can share. as a side note this will be my first lambo but i have a few other exotics under my belt...i just never seem to remember to take pics
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    ive only ever paint cleaned and waxed my dad's murci, and its not that bad. There's not much surface area on the side panels, they are pretty much flat and free of any curved intake scoops, so you move through those pretty quickly, likewise the roof, bonnet and rear hatch which are dead flat panels.

    The main time killer for me is the running boards along the side of the car, and the front bumper with its edges that potrude out only a few mm, so you'd need to switch to a 4" there

    in comparison my GTR takes longer to go over

    the real killer for me is working on his F40, the murci is a piece of cake compared to that

    not seeing the condition of the paint its hard to know what will work, but id start with Menz 203S and see if you can one stage it. Just switch to your lightest polish for the gloss black areas aft of the side windows, mirrors and rear hatch, as even a medium polish will just put more swirls in
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    Also the rear scoops to the engine open up, but the engine must be running. There is an override switch inside the car to make them go up, but you'll need to wash it while it's running. Also, it's VERY important you don't start these cars, and quickly turn them off, as the check engine light will come on. It needs to run for about a minute or so every time you start it.

  4. dsms

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    Ive done 2, yellow and red. In both cases the clearcoat was very hard. You may go after it with a polish and pad combo and buff off the residue to find little correction done. Take your time during correction.

    Also please pre-clean the rear black honeycomb grills under each taillight very thoroughly during the wash process and dry them completely, I use a electric blower to remove the water as any MF wont fit in the honeycombs. The cleaner they are the easier they are to dress later on.

    Also when turning the Murci on, or any lambo.... Turn the key to accessory, hit the unlock button on the key fob, you will hear a beep, than press the start button or turn key fully if its an earlier model as I dont know if all lambos have push start. Otherwise you will sit there and never be able to turn it on :shead:

    And oh yea.....Good luck, post pics!
  5. nyrep1

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    he has his wired some way that his scoops stay open....he has his biz logo on the hidden edge and likes them to stay open

    you should have seen my face the first time i washed it and after starting i saw streaks (was steam actually) on the rear engine hatch

    thanks for all the tips i have wanted some small pads and backing plates ...guess i have and excuse now
  6. JoeyZ

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    Pics when your done. Best of luck.
  7. Asphalt Rocket

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    I have worked on several Lambos and like Dave said they have very hard clear. I would check for wet sanding on the lower portion of the vehicle also. With the honeycombs grills I remove them and clean them, it is much easier to do it that way.
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    congrats on the murci booking! Post lots of pics for us please!
  9. domino

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    here's some pics of a concorso'd murci to get you fired up






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