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    So I am getting a 1900 psi washer and foam cannon and am looking for suggestions on soaps to use. From what I have seen for maintenance washes I am leaning towards either CG Maxi Suds II or HDSF for stripping it looks like CWG. If anyone with experience has suggestions I am open to them.
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    CG Mr. Pink is great for use in a foam gun or foam cannon, but mainly just for maintenance washes. I don't find it be that strong in terms of cleaning abilities, you'd probably want to step up to CG Citrus Wash (Red) not the CWG. Another good choice IMO would be Optimum Car Wash soap, it has more cleaning ability that Mr. Pink and foams up pretty well.
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    For maintenance washes any quality soap will do just fine and provide enough lubrication. As far as stripping, try to find a soap that doesn't contain glossing agents and add some APC to the mix. You can also use Dawn or Car Pro's Snow Soap.

    Don't get caught up in the "this soap foams better than this one" crowd. CG maintenance soaps tend to be really similar IMO.
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    I figured I would add some of my adams apc to it for stripping but yeah I was kind of confused why people would use something with gloss to strip.
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    I use Duragloss 902 for maintenance washes, as it contains gloss enhancers, foams and suds nicely and is very slick. I like CGCWG for stripping, cars come out squeaky clean and so do my
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    For Maintenance washes I would use Megs Hyper Wash. The 400:1 Dilution Ratio is wonderful and it foams very good in my Gilmore and i'm sure it would be even better in a foam cannon. It smells very good as well!
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    These days I mainly use Hyper Wash when doing details, from my findings it's not the most lsp-friendly product out there.

    My go-to has been Poorboy's Super Slick and Suds, both for foaming and handwashing. It's a good product, really slick and relatively cost-effective, while being very wax-safe/friendly. Another product that I recently have been happy to use through the foam lance, is Sonax' Glanz Shampoo (Gloss Shampoo).

    Here's a few photos, please note that not much foam will adhere to the BMW, it has 4 layers of SV Best of Show - and the photo is taken a few minutes after application.

    Poorboy's SSS:



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    What is the dillution ratio on the Sonax shampoo? I've been considering getting some.
  9. EbbeJ

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    - Sonax states 2 capfuls for 10 ltrs, so in a 5 gal. bucket it's around 4 capfuls. You'll be fine using a lighter dilution though, it's plenty slick at 3 capfuls to 5 gals. In the foam lance, I tend to just pour a little in and mix it with water, but I've found the Sonax shampoo to be around a capful or two to be able to foam the car once or twice. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the prompt answer!

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