Foam Cannon / Lance Mixture (Concoction)

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  1. boredstudent3

    boredstudent3 Wax on..Wax off

    hey guys,

    so i recently got a foam cannon / lance and i was just wondering what is your mixture or concoction that u put in it?

    most of you are american so measurements in ounces is fine but mL is better...=p

    my cannon has a quart bottle = 0.95 L

    i have the following products at my disposal and i want to use the foam soak as a LSP remover / pre-cleaner:

    -Megs APC+
    -CG CWG
    -CG Maxi suds II
    -P21S TAW
    -Dawn dish detergent

    let's see those mixtures!...thanks in advance guys, i'm just trying to get a good starting point before i become a detailing
  2. Cooter

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    1oz is 30ml's iirc.
    I use 3oz of soap and fill the rest up with water in my cannon. So 90ml's.

    Guess figuring up drug dosages finally helped out haha!
  3. cnut

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    3 oz of whatever soap you desire and 1oz of an apc. This should take care of most lsps. If not, put another ounce or two in the wash bucket to help.
  4. boredstudent3

    boredstudent3 Wax on..Wax off

    any other crazy or creative mixes out there? :p:
  5. billyblooshoes

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    i say mix a half ounce of each soap except ONR and see what happens.
  6. 911Fanatic

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    For stripping LSPs, I use 3oz of APC, 1oz of a high foaming soap and top with water. For maintainance washes, 50ml of RG snow foam and top with water. I use a 16oz bottle on my cannon.
  7. Carn

    Carn Welcome to Detailing

    I import some foam lances for sale on the local market here in SA and put together 2 Excel spreadsheets to calculate dilution ratio's and mixes. It is all in metric so may require some conversion (if someone here wants to create imperial versions let me know and I will send you the source code :thumb: ). The Basic version of the file only has pre-calculated ratio's for Karcher pressure washers and a few common shampoo's. If anyone wants me to add some other shampoo's and pressure washers drop me a pm and I can add them to the sheets.

    Anyways, here is a simple Copy/Paste of the thread from my local forum...

    "In order to simplify the dilution ratio calculations I made up 2 Excel spreadsheets that you can simply plug the numbers into and get the required dilution ratios for your foam lances.

    Advanced Version

    The first version is for those of you who would want to make accurate measurements of your pressure washers flow & siphon rates. In this version you need fill in the info in the red cells and Excel will sort out the rest :)

    This file can be downloaded here flr_advanced.xls

    Basic Version

    For those of you less inclined to spend time measuring the actual flow and siphon rates from your pressure washer, I've put together a seperate spreadsheet using the manufacturer supplied info for the flow rates. This may or may not be entirely accurate as I don't know what variance is accepted in the CE certification process. There may also be a host of other factors that affect the resulting flow rate (input water pressure, voltage, hose pipe length, etc, etc), but this should get you off to a fairly accurate start :thumb:

    In this version you simply pick your pressure washer, shampoo and required volume of shampoo from the drop down lists and Excel will handle the rest :)

    This version is available here flr_basic.xls :thumb:


    One final note for all of you using pre 2007 versions of Microsoft Office. The spreadsheets use an MROUND function which is not installed by default on earlier versions of MS Excel. In order to get the spreadsheets to function correctly you may need to follow these instructions:


    If this function is not available, and returns the #NAME? error, install and load the Analysis ToolPak add-in.


    1. On the Tools menu, click Add-Ins.
    2. In the Add-Ins available list, select the Analysis ToolPak box, and then click OK.
    3. If necessary, follow the instructions in the setup program.
    4. Restart Excel to activate the Add-In."

    Hope that helps :thumb:
  8. boredstudent3

    boredstudent3 Wax on..Wax off

    thank you for the information and response guys!...much appreciated.

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