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    Hello all
    So a little back story before so first car was a 65 mustang that i loved detailing and working on every weekend. my step dad taught me how to wash and clean the car never waxed it but it was a daily driver and I loved it. Had to get rid of after a couple years and i lost the passion of detailing and did it once and a while but always had to work on the motor aspect of my 02 mustang and it had bad paint that i let it get neglected along with my now wife's car. Now i have a newer car a 2014 fiesta( i know you all can laugh it up everyone else has) that has 3200 mile on it when i bought it. but I found and picked up some cheap stuff this weekend and took both my wife's car and my car trough the car wash and detailed it quickly at home. i remembered how much i enjoyed detailing when the car isn't always something else i want to or have to fix or is a mess cause i almost live out of it lol.

    Sooo i want to get off on the right foot here with my new car and get hers back on track the best i can. was wondering if you could point me int he right direction with getting a complete starters kit. I did alot of looking at adams and chemical guys and like things about both lol mostly the price of chemical guys and think adams may have the better products

    these both are daily drivers
    2006 jetta silver
    lots of contamination and scrathes and scuffs (as i shake my head )
    hub caps with bad break dust in corners

    2014 fiesta silver
    like new with few minor scrathes

    im on hard well water in southern nj so i will also have to have winter plan to go along with this

    looking for best bang for the buck while hitting the biggest needs first

    thanks for all your help in advance


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