First impressions: Wolf's White Satin Auto Shampoo

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    I did a quick wash today to remove of the dirt from the drive in the snow last weekend and some of the pollen that has been accumulated. I decided to use a sample of Wolf's White Satin Auto Shampoo.

    LSP: BF Midnight Sun over BF Wet Diamonds, 2 weeks ago.
    Dilution used: 1:500 (what has been recommended)

    Usage Notes:

    Scent/Color/consistency: Fairly Clear, no tint slight soapy scent, not that viscous so mixed easily

    Suds: Modest, airy suds, lessened during the wash

    Lubricity: Modest, nothing special using a Poorboy's Microfiber Mitt

    Cleaning: It seemed ok, wash spread easily over paint

    Beading: On rinsed areas, there was strong beading. Obviously does not suppress beading but did not really see any water spots

    Rinsing: Very easy.

    Drying: Used a master blaster and was more difficult than normal but as I was drying I could see pollen already collecting on the paint.

    Overall opinion On my first use, it did not seem to be remarkable except for ease of rinsing in any other category. I plan to use a couple more times but at this point not likely be one I would use on rotation.

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