Finish cloudy after polishing 2012 corvette

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  1. MattC6

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    I don't have pics at the moment so I apologize up front.

    I washed, decon with iron cut, clay'd....

    I took out a couple of rock scratches with griot 3" polisher using green uber pad and meguiars dual action cleaner/polish.

    I then switched to a flex with 5" green uber pad and sonax 3/6. I was doing roughly 2'x2' sections at a time. 2 section passes on speed setting 3, then 4 passes on setting 6. Buffed with green uber microfiber towel.

    Followed with hand applied sonax carnauba. This was only to hood, bumper, and front fenders. Only had time to do front half of car so far.

    In the garage and first thing in the morning I thought it looked great. Certainly felt great to the touch. However tonight in a mall parking lot I was underneath one of the light poles and the finish looked cloudy/milky and I could still see lots of tiny scratches and swirls. It actually looked more swirled than the rest of the car which wasn't touched.

    What would be a possible cause? Too aggressive a pad? Is an additional product required after 3/6? I have meguiars speed glaze in my collection if that would do.

    I'll try to post a pic tomorrow

    Thanks in advance.
  2. zerix

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    That combo should finish down nice, I have used 3/6 with an Orange LC pad on a PC7424XP and finished down Jet Black to perfection. 3/6 is great stuff. You sort of did the opposite of what I would do though, you should start fast and end slow, not the other way around. If I was polishing this is what I would do:

    Spread out the product on speed 2, bump the speed up to 6, add some significant pressure for 2 passes, bump the speed down to 5, little less pressure, then bump the speed down to 3 and just use the weight of the machine to finish down for 2 more passes.

    As for the Sonax Carnuba, was it their paste wax or that Nanotechnology wax? I have tried that Nano liquid wax stuff and for the life of me cannot get the streaks out of the paint when you look at it in the right light. Very hard stuff to work with if you ask me. Tried a few different techniques, now decided to just keep to Polymer Netshield and Brilliant Shine detailer.
  3. Stokdgs

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    I believe Corvettes have very hard paint and you need to remove all the defects before polishing..

    Did you look closely at the paint with very good lighting after compounding and determine you had removed all the defects, or as many as you wanted to remove ?

    What the heck is meguiars dual action cleaner polish ? Something you buy over the counter at Pep Boys, etc?

    Sonax 3/6 means you have a cut of 3 out of 6, which is pretty mild for hard paint, unless you are using a Rotary with the appropriate pad and lots of pressure.. And then this might not be enough depending on the hardness of the paint, and how deep the defects are in the paintwork.

    I would have also used the Flex first, since it has forced rotation, and totally lose the meguiars dual action stuff and get dedicated compounds and polishes..
    Dan F

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