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    One of the guys I work with had a shopping cart scrape the side of his car and took it to a detail shop despite me telling him I would take care of it. He said the guy used a rotary with turtle wax compound and to my suprise, it came out pretty okay. However in one spot on the bumper, it looks like the guy heated the paint up so much that it became soft enough to take the imprint of the guy's finger :shrug:. Upon further inspection there are a few burn throughs in other spots and it will be repainted, so I talked him into letting me try and fix the finger print. I will be touching it up and then wetsanding down with 3000 and then putting the new rupes to the test. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? (thankfully he agreed to let me be the only one to touch his car now outside of washing it)
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    Given that the shop already burned through in a few places, I wouldn't even consider using a polisher in the same area. Just let him get it painted and be done with it.
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    ^^^ This. After working in a body shop for a while this is your best option. Most body shops have no care of how hard they go, its all about speed and getting the job done for most. Just have them repaint the whole panel, its their mistake and they should fix it. If they dont, take it to a competitor and get their opinion/cost and take it back to the guys who screwed up and say if you dont fix it ill take it to them and you'll end up paying them to do it there. In most cases this would be enough to get them to fix it correctly.

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    I have put a finger print indention into a car myself by accident after wiping a section of a roof down with 3M tar & adhesive remover to remove tree sap spots. It was a Honda so that paint is soft to begin with but didn't expect that solvent to soften the clear coat that much. It wasn't noticeable after the polishing was completed. It thought my thumb just left a stain behind until I looked at it with a magnifying glass and could see that is was a 3D indention.
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    I hate Honda paint, another reason I drive a Camry instead of an Accord.

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