FG400 vs M101

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    Im a huge menzerna fan, i have FG400, PF2500, SF4000, SF4500, TI, PL, ect. Every product is awesome on DA and rotary, but here is my question.

    Ive been reading around about M101 and how it cuts nice and deep even on very hard paint. I have and LOVE FG400, but im considering also getting M101 as a SMAT abrasive compound my be useful in situations where FG400 may not have enough cut.

    Usually, if FG400 doesnt have enough cut on a MF pad via DA, ill step it up to PFW via my Flex PE14 and that gets it done, but i think there my be situations where m101 on MF cutting pad via DA would be useful.

    Ive also found that FG400 finishes insanely well with wool via rotary, it does leave holograms but they are very mild, nothing that SF4000 cant clean up on a Blue uber pad.

    Id appreciate any thoughts from anyone who has used both.


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