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Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by agpatel, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    Cleaned out the inside of my GTI today and thought I would do some really quick review/comments on them. Now forgive me for not doing detailed reviews but thought I would at least comment on some of the products.

    -Swissvax Crystal: This is still my favorite glass cleaner, works great cutting through grime and film and always has left a streak free finish. I use the glass paper towels that PAC sold, lucky I have one box unopened but will have to find a new source once that runs out.

    -Swissvax Seal Feed: I have been using this more and more over 1z due to the thicker consistency but works well so far and little dab will go a long ways. I use a 1" foam brush to ease the application of it.

    -Swissvax Protection Matt: The perfect amount of darkening affect and sheen, on the expensive side but dont use too much and really only use it on the dash

    -Scholl Concepts Purple 9000: Another nice interior dressing/light cleaner. I use this everywhere else in the car but still my favorite with SV Protection

    -LM Strong Cleaner: In a foaming bottle with a Uber Leather Brush it makes quick work of leather seats

    -RaceGlaze Leather Conditioner: Nice conditioner that darkens leather a bit and also spreads pretty far with a little dab. Makes quick qick work and leaves the seats feeling good and light leather scent.

    -1z KlimaCleaner: Nothing else like it for the price, I use half a bottle per use as i typically use it 2x a year. Works great to keep the A/C system clean and fresh

    Like I said just some quick comments that may help someone out...if anyone has questions or wants a detailed answer on something just ask..!
  2. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    do you remove the air filter? some people have said remove the cabin air filter when you use Klima
  3. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    I dont remove my cabin filter..i turn reticulation off to bypass the the filter.
  4. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    ok... good to know, I have a can of it here and need to do it with the wifes car.
  5. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    The cabin filter "might" get wet with Klima depending on it's design/location. My cabin filter gets a little bit wet whenever I do a full bottle (06 Highlander- filter sits horizontally). I don't have that issue with my 00 Maxima (filter sits vertically). The Klima is antibacterial so you don't have to worry about mold.

    I change the cabin filter every time I do a full klima bottle (once a year). I don't change it when I'm applying half a bottle (every six months).
  6. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    how do you like SV Seal Feed? I kinda wanted to try it, but it's price scares me off.
  7. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    This AC cleaner, has me interested I may try it on my grandfather's TL(2003) I don't think it's ever been done before on it. It's not like the AC smells or anything it's just I like having a fresh smelling AC but I won't need it for a couple of months now.
  8. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    I like it, little thicker than 1z and seems to be working pretty well. Find that I am using less than i would with 1z but price per use would be same of little but more with SV. I am pleased with it.

    Works great to get rid of A/C smells but as you dont have it still not a bad idea to clean it up a bit. Never hurts.

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