Favorite and most Cost Effective APD/ Vehicle Prep product?

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    I wanted to see what everyones take on this subject is. I have yet to really be 100% confident with a vehicle prep degreaser/ APD that i love. The p21s is great but expensive, and im looking for something that pretty dilutable. We do alot of cars/ day because that is just the type of business that is most common around here. Consider it alot of production detailing. We have 3-4 really high end clients a week that get the full "boutique" treatment but in the meantime until we branch off and separate the 2 completely, i need a product that is not only cost effective, but does a great job degreasing door jambs, cleaning engines, loosening up bugs on the front end of vehicles, and also a possible APD for vehicle interiors (minus leather). Again this is mainly for dealership vehicles/ retail clients that just want a good detail without the cost or attention of what vehicles truely need. We have been in business going on 5 years now and are averaging 8-10 cars/ day so we are BUSY AS HELL, so any info would be great... i would love a go to product!!!

    BTW....please dont think were a hack detailshop...lol. We have 2 rupes (15 and 21), use alot of sonax and menzerna products, but would never use these to touch a lease turn in honda civic unless they are paying for it lol. Its just the nature of the beast around here.
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    Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner or All Purpose Cleaner Plus (has orange scent) sounds like a winner for you. Very cheap, less than $20 for a gallon and can be diluted to meet all your needs listed, including leather if you really wanted to.
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    ^^^^ Look at Meg's Professional Line. Cost effective products that simply work.
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    If you are looking for a good Degreaser, then the Meguiars D108 Super Degreaser is my choice for that need. It totally removes most grease out of engine compartments easily, can be diluted to fit your needs, and rinses very clean..

    The Meguiars APC+ is my other Cleaner product that works great as well in its own area of cleaning.

    I use both these products in my Shop daily..

    Good luck !
    Dan F
  5. eacmonroe

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    dan are you using the D108 strictly for engine bays or is it used for wheels and tires and jambs also. If i did go with the APC+...would that work for bug removal on the front end of cars also??
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    Eacmonroe -

    I use the D108 Meguiars Super Degreaser on anything I want removed quickly and completely...
    Have used it in of course engines and compartments, and it also makes quick work of all the mold that grows out there in door and trunk jambs, window seals, a great product for dirty nasty gas filler compartments, even sometimes on really dirty, greasy, floor mats and carpets... It will foam more than Meguiars APC+, but the trade off is it cleans faster, and when all rinsed, its really all gone and leaves on by product, etc... Yes, successfully used it on dirty nasty, armorall'd tires to remove all that crap quickly, wheels, all jambs, and sometimes, as a bug remover... Never used it full strength on anything though, because I have never needed it that hot..

    Like any Degreaser, you need to think about what else is it going to touch and possibly remove the coating from _____________, and will this be ok ??
    So, lots of water around the area about to be treated, to minimize "collateral effects", and keep your rinse water right there to remove it quickly, and inspect...

    Now, certainly APC's can do much here too, but sometimes, you just want to get it over with 1-time and move on... Pick your battles, etc...

    Lastly, you will want to wear gloves, as it will totally remove all oils from your skin and dry your hands out perhaps too much. You also don't want all the greasy liquid stuff that it releases from getting under your fingernails either...

    Dan F
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    x2. I use Zep Citrus degreaser at 3:1 or 10:1 dilution on wheels, wheel wells, engines, door jambs, bugs, dirty lowers, and even gross interiors. Interiors that aren't as bad get either Megs APC or Optimum Power Clean.
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