Factory clear bra removal- Lexus

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  1. Devinh

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    2007 Lexus RX
    The factory clear bra is old and cracked and my mom wants it removed. Someone started trying to do it at her work, but just made it worse. I began on it while I was visiting for the holidays and found out why. This stuff will not peel off in more than a 1/2" square at a time. And the adhesive stays behind as well. I have a heat gun, but it doesn't seem to help to much. Too hot and the adhesive is worse, not hot enough and it just flakes off.
    Has anyone had good success with this stuff, and any tips on a more successful removal method.
    Sorry if this is the wrong section, mods can move if need be.
    Thank you everyone in advance.
    I was trying to post pictures, but don't have the option?
  2. supercharged

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    Phil might be able to chime in and help. He did remove clear bra on a Porsche that was on for 5+ years...
  3. Woob

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    Start crying.

    3M Adhesive remover, steam, and ALOT of finger grease. Don't ask me how I know. Few tricks I've heard is to use new PPF and rip off the old PPF, which is dangerous but seems workable if the film isn't too bad. There are a few very strong chemicals you can use if you are careful and tape off trim, etc.

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    How about a rubber pin stripping removal wheel? Slow and steady. Just don't use it on the plastic bumper parts, it will dig right in. Painted metal and glass only.

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