Ever detail things other than vehicles?

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by tin, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. tin

    tin Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I was just curious if anyone obsessively details anything other than vehicles. For instance, last night I found myself degreasing, buffing, Jetsealing, and then waxing my bath tub and shower surround. I can't even concentrate now when I'm taking a shower because I keep staring at all the water beading!

    Does anyone else do this, or anything else around the house?

    What products do you like to use?
  2. TLMitchell

    TLMitchell Birth of a Detailer

    I used JS on my shower glass to prevent water spotting. I've since discover Opti Seal is a lot easier to use for that type of application. Works great on ceramic tile and grout as well.

    My fiberglass shower surrounds are starting to show some marring with age. I'm going to try some AIOs to see what works best with a GG 3" polisher. I also used 205 on a chrome toaster topped with Opti Seal.

    APC+ has a ton of uses around the house, ARO is great for cleaning electrostatic furnace filter cells and UQW is great on mirrors and leaves 'em streak free and wipe-off-easy to clean the next time.

    Rest assured, you're not the only OC strange-agent around. :shakehead:

  3. corrswitch

    corrswitch Jedi Nuba

    Yeah, I detail my bathroom.

    I get to use up what I don't like and I get permission to buy more because the bathroom looks great.

    Currently getting rid of my turtlewax but I tried M16 once and that was way better than turtlewax.

    I also use some cleaning wipes in the home. (the armorall stuff)

    I've used some glass cleaner for windows and mirrors. (simple green and Stoners)

    Most of all, the used up microfibers and terry towels for everything from drying dishes, cleaning and wiping.

    All the stuff I don't want to use on the car and trying to get rid of so that I can spend more money :p

    My 50 cents microfiber is just as good as those so called Household microfiber tools sold for $4 or higher.
  4. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    I wetsanded and polished the back of my phone the other night :D

    I also polished the swirls out of the panels on the front of my frig. I use KAIO or other sealants on my glass shelves on the tv stand. I've even used 1Z cockpit premium as a aspot cleaner on my laminate floors in my den.
  5. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

    is 1Z CP safe to use on my wife's laptop computer? that thing needs to be cleaned!
  6. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    I would think everything except the keyboard. Don't think you want any liquid underneath there. Maybe spritz the towel with the CP, then rub the keyboard area?

    I use FK425 on my tv screens for the anti-static properties too. I've used 1Z CP as well.
  7. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    I use 1z CP on my laptop, spray on MF and wipe. I also was the top of my lap top sometimes just for the heck of it. Filing cabinets get some OID to help keep the dust down a bit. Keychain gets a nice polish and seal so I can see the nice weave in the CF, hehe. Sink gets 845 so you dont get water spots and easier to clean.
  8. RNickolas

    RNickolas Obsessive Detailer

    s100 on my laptops
    fk425 on the screens and on tables
    meguiars UQW on mirrors and shower doors

    oh unrelated:

    so i was at a restuarant and went to the urinal, as i was ...uh...relieving my bladder i noticed that my urine was beading off and sheeting at a very high rate...i wanted to go ask the restaurant owner what he uses on the urinal because i have NEVER seen beading like that!
  9. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    Come on man, some things just dont need to be revealed on forums...HAHAHA...maybe it was DG twins? haha.
  10. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    Crystal Rock.
  11. pushtiulk

    pushtiulk Guest

    A friend of mine polished his laptop and wax it :)
  12. RNickolas

    RNickolas Obsessive Detailer

    it was probably solaris:giggle:
  13. RNickolas

    RNickolas Obsessive Detailer

    wouldnt the dg twins be similair to zainos z2 z5? if so i doubt it was that haha, oh and you would post this too i mean the beading was astounding hahah, almost took a video
  14. TLMitchell

    TLMitchell Birth of a Detailer

    What's your opinion of the anti-static properties of FK425? I get all kinds of crud accumulating on the back of a black full-dresser that didn't appear until I started using QDs and MF on it. Thinking it might be static from the MFs I started misting them lightly before use with little change.

    Somebodyoranother recommended grounding the bike with a jumper cable. That's a little obsessive even for me. :shrug:

    (which just means I haven't tried it yet) :crasy:

  15. cleanfiend

    cleanfiend Jedi Nuba

    yup. phone, laptop, and ipod. Its kinda sad really, but nothing beats having clean and slick electronics.
  16. billyblooshoes

    billyblooshoes DB Forum Supporter

    i hit my blackberry screen with colli 845 every once in a while.

    back before i moved to my apartment, i had stainless steel counter tops in the kitchen of the house i was renting. i polished them up with my makita using an old black pad and some 3M compound and they came out great! my flat screen gets the regular cockpit premium treatment.

    with all this talk about people sealing their showers and sinks, im thinking i might try that out some time soon.
  17. TLMitchell

    TLMitchell Birth of a Detailer

    Might want to skip the shower floors. Otherwise you may get an opportunity to detail plaster casts. :yikes:

  18. Ch40t1c

    Ch40t1c Obsessive Detailer

    I always use Coll 845 on my laptop and phone. One time I tried it on my bed frame for S&gigs.
  19. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    YES! I use CP for all my flat panels in the house, and also have detailed my wife's Macbook with it. Works GREAT!!!
  20. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    thank you for not taking a video.

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