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Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by nyrep1, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. nyrep1

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    guys, i may have bit off more then i can chew. one of my buddies who's car a take care off brought a 09 nissan xterra to me, it belongs to his coworker. any the guy ran over a can of spray adhesive about a month ago and had this glue (did not know what kind) all over his truck on the black vinyl/ plastic trim and glass and paint. well i tested a small spot with goof off and it came out so i agreed to do the car. well its 4 hours into it and only about 30% is removed and non of the spots get completly removed just diminished. any ideas what i can try. i already

    clayed dd fine grade oid as lube
    3m adhesive remover liquid
    goof off
    m105 and 3m rubbing with a pc orange, yellow, and surbuff r pads.....this actually made a big difference but required 4-5 applications. i have no ptg so dont want to risk it.

    im about to give up
  2. JC98

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    Have you tried rubbing alcohol...I am no detailing pro so this may be a stupid suggestion.
  3. billyblooshoes

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    Try laquer thinner you have some. If its really dried on there you might have to carefully scrape it off with a plastic razorblade and then correct the affected areas.
  4. joep

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    WD-40 should dissolve the glue spray some on a rag or directly on the area your trying to clean...

  5. :ditto:

    You might also try a adhesive/tar remover. 3M is usually readily avalible in most areas. If the guy is not real picky you could just spray the fenderwells with black paint :cig:
  6. Asphalt Rocket

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    Loosen it up with some type of solvent and then start scraping it off with plastic razor blades, then polish the area to remove the marring from the the solvent and razor blades.
  7. What are you doing awake so early :shead:
  8. Asphalt Rocket

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    I have been up at 7 am the past two days,:yikes: now don't have a heart attack-lol.
  9. :sheep:
  10. ltebow34

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    If you can find the can, you can use same solvent to make product liquid and use that to eliminate this. What do you have access to? Home Depot store? Or similar?

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