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  1. ahwil_lim

    ahwil_lim Wax on..Wax off

    Sorry Ch4ot1c,

    What is PITA?

  2. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    PITA- pain in the a$$
  3. ahwil_lim

    ahwil_lim Wax on..Wax off

    :graduation: haha ...

    thanks agpatel ...
  4. richy

    richy Guest

    Sal..the difference between the FC&S and the Marine version is the Marine one has a chemical to stop algae growth...didn't think I needed that for the car, LOL, but I have heard it's great at cleaning.
  5. sal329

    sal329 Nuba Guru

    Maybe the chemical aids in cleaning lol. I like the Marine line on autos maybe it's just me
  6. robson

    robson Virgin Detailer

    I oso preferred the marine line 521 instead of 921 FC&S. Clean better and feel slicker than 921.
    I oso tried both method of applying the 951 aquawax ..1st used it as drying aid and 2nd used it after the car was dry .

    I preferred 2nd method as its slicker,more durable. But of course the 1st method can be used when u are running oout of time..
  7. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    If you guys haven't tried the NU GLASS for water spot removal, you are soooo missing out. I've done a couple badly stained glass sunroofs lately with NU GLASS and a damp MF applicator. Rub back and forth until it hazes over and voila, in both cases glass was mint. If you want crazy, use it on all your exterior glass and follow up with rain repel and pray for rain. I can't remember where my wiper controls are anymore! Just brilliant. Their 253 tire dressing is awesome as well. Pretty much my go to product in my shop.
  8. richy

    richy Guest

    I haven't tried the Marine version yet. Does it amp up the shine like 921 does if you put it on after applying a sealant? If so, I may need to try it. I remember AL-53 recommending it too and he's the reason I tried this line in the 1st place..him and Sparkie.
  9. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

    sounds like I need to try these out. Always looking for good glass products.

    Do they make any anti-fogging stuff for glass?
  10. richy

    richy Guest

    Roger..it doesn't in any of their product descriptions. The rain repel is great; I'm glad I tried it.
  11. RussECU

    RussECU DB Forum Supporter

    I second this Ken. The Nu Glass is definately great at getting the water spots and etc. off. I think it works better by hand. IIRC it dried up too quickly and clogged the pad on my pc when I tried it that way.
  12. robson

    robson Virgin Detailer

    I do use Nu-glass to remove water spot by hand but thou of using rb with a lc white polishing pad ... Do u think is safe. ?

    and how do u compares 253 againsts my current dg281 ?
  13. robson

    robson Virgin Detailer

    hi richy,

    I dun like to use qd after sealant but I do mist some aquawax to mf pad prior DG105 sealant and u get instant slick rather than waiting for the dg105 to cure then only it will become slick and deeper in color.. I learned these from a m'sia reseller.

    I bought the 521 Qd but got a small sample of 921 . I found 521 cleans better and the slickness is equal if not better than 921 .. just my own finding. i use 521 qd the panel before wipe the environ shield ..and works great.
  14. robson

    robson Virgin Detailer

    Thanks ..so i no need to try with machine. i find misting some filter water to the mf pad before putting the Nu Glass works better ..Is it correct.? I also find it can remove light to mid level of water mark edging but need more application on those badly /years old edging. but it is safe for glass and windscreen and better not to use those acid tht i used before.
  15. ahwil_lim

    ahwil_lim Wax on..Wax off

    Hi robson,

    sorry, I do not understand the step u explained on above. Do you apply AW before sealant DG105? or 521 before enviroshield?

    in other words, Sealant top of DG105? or u just mist the MF pad with AW for apply DG105? Sorry, my english isnt very good :spank:.

  16. robson

    robson Virgin Detailer

    I basically mist some 951 to applicator pad first then only pour bout 10cents size of DG105 to pad ..then apply. You almost get instant slick as compares 601-105 which might need a few hours. I dun discover these, I asked the M'sia reseller why dg105 only feel slick after next day ..and he tell me to try these method.

    ES oso he teach me to clean the surface with QD or 501 before apply. Seems eaasier to spread and slicker . He told me ES good for protection which I do agree but told me ES are good for light color cars since ES only brighten up the paint .. he asked me to top with 105 or trackclaw for depth.. I quite like the tc look which he give me a bit of sample
  17. olbear1962

    olbear1962 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    What a fantastic thread, thanks guys for all your information.

    I use DG 101, then 601 and 105 works like a charm!! Have a new car and it has some scratches and swirls need to get these out with the PC.

    Question I have is has anyone used the DG671 or DG652 to remove swirls/scratches?
  18. richy

    richy Guest

    I have not and I've tried probably 20 different products by them. I love Menzerna, X3 and presta for light to medium compounds.
  19. ahwil_lim

    ahwil_lim Wax on..Wax off

    Hi guys,

    anyone using DG #41 UltimateOrange All purpose Cleaner? how is it compared to megs APC & Opt powerclean?

  20. krshultz

    krshultz Nuba Guru

    I tried 111 for the first time today, on my black F250. I really, really like it. Easy to use - you can apply it to the whole vehicle, sun or shade, and have no problems getting it off later. Even if you stop for lunch in the middle of the job.

    I'm half wondering if 111 contains a certain amount of fillers. From the back label:

    It could be the setting sun while I was finishing up, so I'll have to reevaluate tomorrow morning, but I think that it does have some filling ability to it. Anyone who remembers the write up I did on my F250 way, way back might remember that the paint in certain areas is extremely thin (70 microns or so), impossibly soft, and missing a clear coat altogether. I've decided that I don't want to polish those parts of the truck any more than I absolutely have to. 111 sure seems to have masked some of the wash-induced marring I've gotten over the last six months or so.

    Another observation on 111: amount per vehicle. The label reads,"will polish and protect two full size vehicles." It'll last a heck of a lot longer than that. This bottle was brand new, and I could do my F250 with it at least another three times. It's an extended cab long bed. So it's definitely "full size." :lol:

    Overall, I'm very happy with it. After using 111, it's hard for me to understand why Jetseal is 50% again more expensive. The 8oz. bottle of 111 cost me all of about ten bucks, and they have it in stock at Car Quest.

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