Door Jam cleaning and lubricating.

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by reefer_bob, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. reefer_bob

    reefer_bob Obsessive Detailer

    So... When you guys clean up door jams, are you ever afraid to take all the grease out of the places where it should be, namely the hinges.

    Do you ever come back and put some grease/oil on the hinges?

    If so, what do you use?

    I usually come back with a little white lithium grease, and then wipe up the excess.
  2. pirex

    pirex DB Certified Dealer

    I allways spray some wd40 on after cleaning them.
  3. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    I clean them and grease them. I usually polish out the door jambs as well.
  4. Jimmie

    Jimmie Birth of a Detailer

    Same thing here.
  5. FuelTuner

    FuelTuner Birth of a Detailer

    Wurth HHS....Sprays thin, sets up extra thick in a few min and is clear.
  6. Sparkie

    Sparkie Wax on..Wax off

    Duragloss#265 Ultimate Detail Spray, it works....Clean the grease off and spray some #265 on there......

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