Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Sealant - Test

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    I have recent gave this a try after Dom (one half of Dodo Juice) recommended it to me. With the weather in Scotland not being the best only within the last week i got to use it. Very easy application if you follow the instructions (at first i didnt and found it hard work), but I used a makeup pad to apply, then as per the instruction as it started to thin out, go back over the worked area as a "dry" application then buff it off (used a blue MF which i got with my DJ SN Metal polish). Really simple and quick to apply. There has not been much rain since applying it until today so perfect oppertunity to get a video :)

    YouTube - ‪Prism Detailing - Dodo Juice Supernatural Screen Sealant - TEST‬‏

    I know there are the likes of G-techniq and Nanolex and not sure about the ease of use, but this was very simple and as you can see its effective as well :)

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