Do wax attract dust?

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  1. dschia

    dschia Jedi Nuba

    Previously, i tried applying turtle wax on my friend car and only after 1 day, the car surface attract a coating of dust. Thinking that turtle wax may be the fault, i decided to try AG hd wax on another friend car. We went back to inspect the car the next day and it was a disappointment, the car also attract a layer of dust. Is it the fault of waxes, procedure, applying techniques or mother nature that is causing the car to become a dust magnet?
  2. bryansbestwax

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    Some have better antistatic agents then others. People on here rave about FK 425, anti staic detailing spray. You may want to give that a go, I have used a few different waxes and CG 5050 is not bad.
  3. Dubsounds

    Dubsounds Virgin Detailer

    I think that most of the past waxes atract dust.
    So after waxing my car and after the wax cure time, I allways wash my car, or at least give it a quick wipe with a QD.
    I think this is the best to do, because waxed cars are a dust magnet untill their first wash.
    Here's an example of a test I've done with 3 waxes (collinite 476, 915 and Nattys Blue), just after a week and right before starting the wash:
  4. pirex

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    HD wax loves dust! I tried AG hd wax vs swissvax concorso. Concorso side was almost no dust, HD side was a thick layer
  5. haper

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    wax does have an affect, also the removal. rubbing a MF over a metal panel will create static electricity.

    w/ that said, i gave ONR a try and while i'm not a big fan of its cleaning ability it leaves a fine film on the surface after drying. this film provides a nice gloss (maybe too shiny for some) and repels dirt and dust very nicely. i've begun a process of a normal 2 bucket wash, followed by a one bucket ONR 'wash' to get this gloss and repelling factor.
  6. detaildoc

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    FK425 is your answer.
  7. shiny

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    Is there a good (cheap) place to buy FK425? Thinking I might give it a try.:mounty:
  8. shiny

    shiny Jedi Nuba

    As others have mentioned, some waxes definately collect more dust than others. Do you get the same effect with a sealant?
  9. dschia

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    I ever tried a polymer sealant wax (AG EGP), it also attract a layer of dust but din really notice the dust level compare to a wax.
  10. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

  11. bongofett

    bongofett Virgin Detailer

    Are there any local places (in Canada) to get Finish Kare products, either in a shop or Canadian online site, that you know off hand?

  12. Buddy

    Buddy Getting to know Detailing

    I just went through what you're going through now but I live in the united states. I ordered it from the factory. but a friend helped me to figure all this out because there are not that many stores that carry it. I did buy a gallon and I do love it. if you do get the chance to buy it will be worth the wait and every penny...OH YA It took two weeks for it to come from the factory. It was about 30 bucks for the gallon. Which is cheap money for this stuff.

    Slanguage has the only link that I know of. In the above box:thumb:
  13. dschia

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    Will FK 425 wipe off some or all wax content? Would it be ok to stack it on a wax or seleant?
  14. richy

    richy Guest

    No, it won''s good stuff indeed.

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