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  1. RekeHavoc

    RekeHavoc Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Its been a little under a month since i last sealed my car with powerlock and topped that with autoglym HD. Today i washed my car, water beeding is still amazing and continues to impress me. After drying and everything i noticed the paint didnt feel as slick and soft as it did before. I know it wont be as soft as it was the day i waxed it but im not sure whether its normal for this to happen. It still has the shine and whatnot but lacking softness in my opinion, so i topped it off with some quick spray wax over the entire paint surface and it seemed to bring some of the softness back.

    Im wondering how often do you guys add another layer or how do you tell when another layer is needed, or a completely new layer. I was also wondering if i can use powerlock over autoglym HD, as ive heard different rumors that "it doesn't work" or "it makes the autoglym HD useless now" stuff like that, and then i heard it actually doesn't matter. I was wondering, maybe after 2-3 washes ill add another layer of Autoglym HD.. I was also wondering if i could add another layer of powerlock on top or will i be wasting product? Help me out guys..

    Thanks :D
  2. chemgys99

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    With those two products you should have at least 5-6 months protection. No need to waste more product if it's still on the car :)
  3. Pureshine

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    I second that don't waste product.

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