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  1. aeghbal

    aeghbal New Member

    I just bought a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe. It has some chips and scratches. First I wanted to know, is the bumper made of different material than the rest of the car? Would I need different compounds, polishes and waxes for that part of the car or the same ones would do? There are a few deep scratches on the bumper, do you recommend me being a bigginer, sanding it, bondo, tourch up, etc or do you think it is too difficult? I want to spend as little as possible. But my main question is about if bumpers are plastic and if you need particular products for it.

    Than you
  2. Ocho

    Ocho New Member

    You can use the same products. You just have to try a different approach, as the bumper will not dissipate heat as well as the rest of the panels. Start with a less aggressive approach then work your way to a more aggressive if you find the need for it.

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