Detailers Domain Bucket With Grit guard?

Discussion in 'Detailers Domain' started by DieselMDX, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. DieselMDX

    DieselMDX Obsessive Detailer


    I am looking for a bucket system with a grit guard I have seen alot of different companies have there own bucket IE zaino,AG,Pinnacle. i was wondering if you could make one too.

    I dont know how many people would be interested but I would be
  2. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

  3. DieselMDX

    DieselMDX Obsessive Detailer

    yes but no need for the dolly with me. just 2 buckets and grit guard
  4. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    I think I can get it to $34.95 for 1 bucket /1 grit guard/lid/1 cushion.

    less 10%
  5. reefer_bob

    reefer_bob Obsessive Detailer


    Order the grit guard from Phil.

    Go to your local ace/lowes/homedepot/whatever and buy a 5 gallon bucket.

    A lot cheaper than shipping a big empty bucket to you...

    Or better yet, ask your friends who've recently painted their house for a 5 gal bucket... they're pretty easy to find.
  6. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Bob, I'm pretty sure he wants to fill the buckets up with product.
  7. getcha

    getcha Jedi Nuba

    You could also use the free shipping code to posted on here to get your grit guards and buckets crazy cheap + free shipping. Check the bargain bin
  8. marlcoke

    marlcoke Birth of a Detailer

    i think diesel is asking for a bucket which has a DD logo on i'd love to have one of those....
    phil, no plan for making some DD stickers?
  9. Duratys

    Duratys Welcome to Detailing

    A big pic of Phils head givin a :thumb: would be awesome :D
  10. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

  11. klumzypinoy

    klumzypinoy Nuba Guru

    LOL I think that would be DOPE!! I'd buy it :elefant:
  12. Duratys

    Duratys Welcome to Detailing

    Be damm funny if nothing else :D
  13. klumzypinoy

    klumzypinoy Nuba Guru

    Or it could be Phil's head and him pointing his index finger at you :woot:
  14. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    Does the buckets have your company name on them, and are you going to get some shirts and stickers. i like getting shirts and stickers from companies that I support.
  15. DieselMDX

    DieselMDX Obsessive Detailer

  16. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    O.k., that is two of us, we just need everyone else to put pressure on phil to make this happen.:woot:
  17. Nica

    Nica Banned about pressure hahahahaa...if you guys like stickers and such wait till you see what's coming up on Detailing will blow your MF off :whistle:
  18. DJ_JonnyV

    DJ_JonnyV DB Forum Supporter

    :lol2: Ha, now that would be some funny stuff!!! I know on some of my orders I've received some Detailers Domain stickers in the past. I do have a bunch of people that stop by and ask me stuff when detailing outside and a maybe a t-shirt or hat or something with the website address would give them a visual on where to get some good quality products, or just view the detailing videos. Even the Adam's ones are very informational.
  19. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    How long ago did I ask for those Nica? I bet Phil gets them out before you do.:pimp:
  20. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Well I wanted the things to be perfect, so I've gone though so many ideas that things are finally and I ran out of ideas hahahahaaha...

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