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Discussion in 'Tools - Machine Polishers, Pressure Washers, Detai' started by Al-53, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    I got the last Flex Phil had....He shipped it Jan 30th..well it will be delivered today...Now that makes buying from Phil a plus for me..its like over night delivery for more waiting 5-7 days from others....and his prices are very competitive....

    Phil must pack stuff in his sleep as he gets it out the next day as promised....I need to make a MF order soon as the ones I got from AG lint so bad....and also some more pads...

    I can see me today polishing the Shower enclosure ....and maybe the Kids motor cycles.....

    Now..if he ever gets in CG thats day delivery ...WOW...

  2. Smith2287

    Smith2287 Welcome to Detailing

    Phil is awesome to deal with, same for me I get my package the next day also!!!
  3. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Best service in the business. And I'm not just saying that because he's a sponsor. It's just the damn truth.
  4. JLs Detailing

    JLs Detailing DB Pro Supporter

    +1 for me too. Phil I'm still working on what we talked's close:woot:!
  5. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Well done Phil :applause: man don't know how he does it but he comes through as promised huh well done Phil.
  6. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    You can't beat Phil's service.
  7. joep

    joep Welcome to Detailing

    well done phil..the CS sounds like something you can't beat with a baseball bat...

    Congrats on your new toy Al...definately looking towards some positve info on your new toy...
  8. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    Joe I will let you know tonite...going to do the fiberglass in the a coat of DG 105 on it....a Menz polish also

  9. joep

    joep Welcome to Detailing

    Geez..your going the hole nine yards..i would do the same if thats where i spent the majority of my time on my PC while surfing the forums.....:lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: J/K..I'll be keeping an open ear :usa:
  10. klumzypinoy

    klumzypinoy Nuba Guru

    I'm gonna make a DD purchase once I get some money :p
  11. TexasTB

    TexasTB Obsessive Detailer

    Looks like my next order will have to be from PHIL. I hear NOTHING but good.
  12. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    Well the flex just came thru the thats making up a to get Spring list....I was hoping he threw in a MF so I could see

    anyways it looks like a well built machine....can not wait to use it....I have a car to do where my kid works next it will be tested then...

  13. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Look forward to the detail Al :thumb:

    Oh and you wont be disapointed with Phil's MF's
  14. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Al, in regards to your linting AG MFs, have you used the CG MF wash?
  15. klumzypinoy

    klumzypinoy Nuba Guru

    I have linting Cobra Jrs but the rest are good.... Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm demoting them to door jam duty :p
  16. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    I do not think a special wash will fix it..its just poor fabric weaving...if they are linting that means that the weave to the backing material was done poor..they may look nice but very poor manufacturing....I have tried some micro restore some one sent me and I find it no better than a HE detergent thats dye and scent free....when I wash them my lint collector in the washer is full of Purple lint....even after a dozen washes....

    I have a ton of MF's...and these are the worse ones...I am stuck with 48 linters....

  17. joep

    joep Welcome to Detailing

    linting MF"s suck..if you have that many and for the cost of them .i would would see if you can exchange never know they might have been a bad batch AL
  18. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    Joe I use then in the shower now....nice purple wash cloths....and they feel good on the

  19. joep

    joep Welcome to Detailing

    glad to see they worked out for you may have left me an image that might have scarred me for life :applause2:
  20. Sparkie

    Sparkie Wax on..Wax off

    Congrats Big Al....You know we want a review now! LOL......

    Joe you put something in my head that I don't want to see....HeeHeeHee

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