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Discussion in 'Sale, Trades, or Bargains' started by luke093, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    Fathers Day Sale(10%off +free shipping over $50)

    I'd say this makes is good deal, (until we see other fathers day sales) and the monthly specials are nice $21 for M105

    10% Off and Free Shipping
  2. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    PAC has them beat on both discount and free shipping minimum. :)
  3. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    Really? Just cheacked! Thanks, you saved me a bit. Lol ($49, and 15% off), still have to get some PB products to try, and come CG Wet Mirror Finish.

    Can anyone recommend some must haves from these companies?
  4. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    CG stripper scent. wet mirror finish. rethickulous mf towel from di. Hard to tell you what to get if I don't know what you got.
  5. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    From CG all I got is leather scent, extreme shine, 5050, Ez Creme, Glossworkz and Citrus Wash and Clear (in my cart). PB I got Trim Restore.

    I got enough washes, trim and tire dressings, and I have very little MF thats for sure (20 really good towels, and 15 for that grunge work). Polishes I got enough (m105, M205, SIP, UNO, RD) looking into Power Finish (maybe). Metal polishes I have OPT, P21S Soap. As for waxes, I think I'm alright- bought 4 in 2 months. Leather care I'm set for with Leatherique and Croftgate.

    That help? How is Wet Mirror Finish Compared to EZ Creme and what about PB Black Hole?
  6. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    Bought, 1 gallon CG QD (synthetic QD), PB Black Hole (have high hopes for this in filling... If it doesnt work I'm going to shoot myself Lol I just bought EZ Creme too!!!), OPT Metal Polish and a Brinkmann Xenon.

    Next on the list: OPT Car wash, OPT ONR, and CG CWC
  7. racersky

    racersky Jedi Nuba

    I purchased the EZ Creme during the memorial sale and I apply it manly on my Carbon Fiber parts.
  8. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    I'm on this paint cleaner/ glaze kick right now. P21 GEPC, EZ Creme, and PB Black Hole, aiming for Wet Glaze 2.0 and WMF by the end of August.

    Ahh, its too addicting. And the worst part is, I need to save! (I keep assuming, that buying products will bring in Business for the summer to pay off this spending), but everything I bought at DI goes in storage AKA my aunts house until I pick it up some time August (I'm from Canada).
  9. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    I can't help but wonder if PBBH and EZ Creme are one in the same, both purple, both a glaze and Poorboys uses (or used to use) Wayne Chemical for their stuff, which is the parent company of Chemical Guys.

  10. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    Ahh!! Thats what Im scared of, using them to figure out I bought 2 of the exact same products. From what I seen in pics PB fills amazingly well while EZ Creme is acrylic based and mainly used to clean the surface and boost gloss and depth in wax. I'll get back to you in 2 months on this :p
  11. Emile

    Emile Welcome to Detailing

    On the DI website, if you click on "Sale Items", Menzerna Finishing Touch Glaze, and a few Clear Kote products are also on sale. I believe DI is trying to get rid of the Clear Kote line because they just don't sell. The Menzerna FTG is from CMA (Proper Auto Care) which is being discontinued.
  12. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    What are you trying to tell me? I should get Red Moose Glaze!? Wow, you people are sick!

    Lol, yeah thanks... Im going to add that to my list (thats never ending)
  13. jxu

    jxu Virgin Detailer

    nice, thanks!
  14. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing

    yes RMG, do it now

    add the VMG as well while you're there
  15. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    The sure smell good but I was underwhelmed by 'em.

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