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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Reflect, May 1, 2009.

  1. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    My friend's Dad asked me recently to do a little makeover on his daughter's 2001 or 2002 Honda Civic. It is about as red as you can get, and seems to either be dull or slightly oxidized. I was wondering what insight you guys have on this paint. I was planning on using HGP on a white pad to clean it up a bit via 9227c, applying EZ creme glaze, then for an LSP I wasn't sure.

    I have...
    Werkstatt AJT or CJT with prime
    Duragloss 501 and 105

    Natty's Red and White
    Collinite 915
    Lusso Oro
    Supernatural v2(sample)
    Migliore Frutta(sample)

    I'm slacking, I know. I plan on ordering Blackfire sealant soon.
  2. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    damn, thats a lot of nice waxes :p:

    i hear rboe is phenominal on red.
  3. reefer_bob

    reefer_bob Obsessive Detailer

    Does it sit outside? Does it get neglected a lot?

  4. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    Werkstatt AJT topped with Collinite 915. Best thing about AJT is it can be topped 30 minutes after application. It's not the case with other sealants that you listed.
  5. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    Haha thanks daddy warbucks, I think the RBOE might have dried out. There was a crack in the jar. I got some CWC and Optibond coming just for this detail, or at least I tell myself that. Gallon for one car seems reasonable.
  6. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    Yep. Definitely gonna try the sealant and wax combo for the best durability. I might go crazy and do Prime, then AJT, and 915 like supercharged suggested. I have a problem with the headlights though, I cleared them up but they still seem pitted and hazy. I might need to get some wetsand paper soon. Small car so it shouldn't be too time consuming if i decide to do a lot to it.
  7. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    I have a bright red truck....and most know I am a Duragloss person...but...for red paint I would use 501 to deep clean is night and day the results...the cleaner in 501 really deep cleans the paint...right down to the micro pores...then let it cure..and put what ever you like on top...

    501 just dissolves deep embedded road grime like emissions..factory fall out...oxidation...and it is super durable and makes a great base for any other product used....myself I like Trac Claw or 105 over it..but thats me..use what you like..but use 501 to deep clean red paint..or any color really

  8. Buddy

    Buddy Getting to know Detailing

    I agree...Al is right on the money...If you do it this way the results will be truly amazing...:thumb:
  9. Darkstar752

    Darkstar752 Horizon Detailing

    RBOE is extremely hard by nature. Just melt it down and then put it in a different jar. If you think your just gonna throw it away, I'll take it :applause2:

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