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  1. Kenny T

    Kenny T Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Hey everyone,

    Hope your day went or is going well...Friday is almost here! So I've been doing a lot of shopping and also research on some tools/equipment needed for the new shop. I have a PC7424 but know I should have another 6" polisher: a) to avoid overusing the only one I have and b) to tackle any job that comes my way. I cannot seem to make up my mind on either the Griot, Flex or Rupes (leaning more onto this one due to the reviews and hype). I also want to pick up a 3" polisher for the tighter spots and was considering the LHR75 but I hear a compressor is needed (don't have one lol). Let me know what you're using and/or what you think...Your opinions and comments are always appreciated!

  2. daveinsweethome

    daveinsweethome DB Forum Supporter

    the small rupes 75 does need a compressor, it is an air hog. 11 cfm. you must be careful with the pads and keeping them attached at higher speeds. lent it to a friend who had pad fly off and dinged his old nice mustang. i had one come off too. great tool but this one needs careful use. i own the two others and love the speed of correction of the 25 but the longer throw takes getting used to. for most hobbiests i would recommend the 15 with 5.5 pads. like goldilocks just right. kevin brown is looking at a european compressor coming to the states. believe it has two stages. check his buffdaddy out on this. good luck on your search. all equipment does a good job.
  3. Kenny T

    Kenny T Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Thanks for the advice! Will make up my mind and pull the trigger tonight.

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  4. TimAD

    TimAD Jedi Nuba

    Go with the Rupes 21 for your DA and get the LHR75 for your 4" pads. Or if you want to compromise get a Griots 4" DA and a Rupes 21. But whatever you do go with the Rupes 21 not the 15 you won't be sorry.
  5. brk4euros

    brk4euros DB Pro Supporter

    Rupes 21 and Griots 3" for the smaller tasks. This is a killer combo IMO for the die hard enthusiast and detailers.
  6. toddcc1

    toddcc1 Virgin Detailer

    I recently made the switch from the PC7424, to the Rupes 21, via convincing from Phil. My PC is now my Nanoskin DA, excellent clay option. I just finished claying...eeerrr Nanoskining and am getting ready to polish. FYI, I'm a weekend hobbist, but feel comfortable around all the polishes, pads and application uses. I'll repost later this evening to give an update.
  7. Kenny T

    Kenny T Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Okay so last night I ordered the Rupes 21 and the Griots 3" interior kit. I also ordered a full compliment of Uber pads for both. Can't wait to put those bad boys to work! Since I am a detail junky I will probably order the smaller Rupes once I buy a good compressor. ;-)

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  8. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Nice choice. I personally am a Flex guy and have been very happy with my XC3401VRG. You cannot go wrong with the Uber pads, they are top notch (apart from perhaps the orange one...)
  9. toddcc1

    toddcc1 Virgin Detailer

    So I just finished half my hood using the Rupes 21. I could get my car to about 90% to where I wanted it with the PC. It was that 10% I just couldn't seem to get polished out. With the PC I probably made 4-5 applications of Menz compound and improvement was very, very slight. With the Rupes, 1 pass with Meg's 101 & Menz FG 400, now it's at 98%. The Rupes feels super light, though I don't know if it's heavier or lighter than the PC, I suspect it's the weight distribution. I'm super, super, super impressed with the Rupes, coming from the PC. Actually, I'm a little peeved that it's easier to use than the PC. At least with the PC I felt as if I was working.
  10. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    awesome glad to hear it worked out! :thumb:
  11. Kenny T

    Kenny T Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Nice! It's good to hear you were able to bring that job up to 98% completion. Another example of having the right tool to finish the job. Wish you had some pics for us to see!

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  12. toddcc1

    toddcc1 Virgin Detailer

    Thanks Phil for the recommendation, exactly what I needed. Love the Rupes.
  13. toddcc1

    toddcc1 Virgin Detailer

    I honestly did try, but they didn't turn out. I don't have a good halogen light setup. The one I have is super janky and I believe will cause a fire at some point in my lifetime. I attempted with my handhelds, but I couldn't get the clearcoat scratches to show up in the pictures.
  14. Kenny T

    Kenny T Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I understand and am sure you tried your best. Be careful with the janky lighting don't want to cause any fires or injury!

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  15. Kenny T

    Kenny T Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    My new polishers arrived today! Can't wait to use them. Have a Acura TL and Sierra truck to do this weekend weather permitting. They both need some TLC in and out but the clients have expressed attention to the exteriors...


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