Dealer insight as to why brand new cars have swirl marks and RIDS

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    I thought I'd give you guys some insight as to exactly where the new car defects come from. Of course they come from the detail department and here's specifically why.

    First of all, we hire a guy at $9/ hr. No one paid that little will care.

    Second, we restrict the amount of towels, mitts, applicators, and other supplies he has access to. This explains where the defects come from. I was hanging out with our detail guy this morning and he was working on a brand new 2015 Maserati Ghibli. It was metallic black and had absolutely zero defects in full sun before he started working on it. The first strike was he used old wash solution from yesterday and a wash brush that had the bristles resting on the asphalt before he dunked it into the bucket (OUCH). After giving the car the dealer installed swirl option, he added more by using the same wax applicator he's used for the last year with old dried caked on wax that's hardened and become a RIDS application device.

    I tried pointing out the damage he was doing to the car, but of course he insisted he wasn't doing any harm to the car.

    The ultimate point is that most people just don't care.

    Sad that a 2015 Maserati gets treated like this. More money in you guys pockets though!

    Maserati Greenville
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    This line pretty much says it all. A person could have all the best intentions in the world, love the car and want to do the best for it, but if he's totally clueless as to what damage he is doing, all the love and caring in the world isnt going to keep the car damage free if hes using rocks to clean the paint.

    This is like giving your dog mcdonalds every day because it makes him happy, then wonder why he dies of kidney failure when hes 5.
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    I work at a dealership and I completely agree that all the stuff comes from the detail. The methods they do is for volume and making the most profit. I got a chance to work for someone that does amazing work and needless to say. It's nice to see this side of detailing.
    But we have mf cloths that I wouldn't even use on the interior. The fibers themselves have so much dirt in them that it makes me cringe every time I touch the paint. But they won't buy us new ones due to cost. I tell my friends not to even bring there cars to my work just because of how stuff is handled.

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