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    Here is is the winter details from today.

    2005 3.2 TTR, Silver, exterior and engine detail.

    This car was pretty bad due to being a daily drive to NYC. Scuffs, scratches, paint marks from other cars, tar, etc.

    Check out the transformation.

    1. With a warm engine, I spritzed it down with P21S Autowash, scrub the dirty areas down with a soft brush and then sprayed it cleaned, closed the hood and went onto the wheels.

    2. Wheels cleaned with P21S Gel, sprayed down all 4 wheels let it sit and then brushed and cleaned the wheels sprayed off brake dust and grime with firehose nozzle
    3. Cleaned the wheel wells with P21S Autowash
    4. Car washed with Adam's car wash applied with Foam Gun and new schmitt wash mitts.
    5. Dried car down and started to clayed the car with Adam's Clay bar and Adam's Detail Spray
    6. Put the car under some lights and started to remove the swirls and light scratches with the Dewalt. With my pads drying from the other day I swapped over to the Dewalt for this project. Dewalt with the German Green Pad, used some Menzera Acrylic for polish/sealant combination, worked well with the TT.
    7. Windows cleaned with Adam's Glass Cleaner
    8. Tires dressed wtih Adam's VRT
    9. back to the engine to finish it off with Adam's VRT and the hard to reach spots and wires with Adam's In and Out.

    The TT came out great!!!!!!! Check it out:
    Engine before:
    Engine after:
    Before of the car:
    After shots:

    Sorry as all of you know shots of silver cars don't always show well.

    But this one looked and felt great, total time 2 hours.
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    looks great, those are fun little cars. I like the ofter shots...looks fantastic

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