DD and the BMW 750/Swissvax Saphir

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    Alright its been a couple weeks since I've posted any write ups. Here is a 750i black/black.

    Time: about 7-8 hours

    Take a look:
    Products Used:
    Adam's Car Wash
    Adam's Clay Bar with Adam's Detail Spray as lube
    Adam's VRT
    Adam's Glass Cleaner
    Adam's Undercarriage
    Adam's Metal 1 and Metal 2
    P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel
    P21S Autowash
    Menzerna SIP
    Menzerna 106
    Menzerna FMJ
    Swissvax Saphir
    Einszett Leathercare
    Einszett Cockpit
    Einszett Glas Polish

    3m Sun Gun
    Metabo 12-175 with Green and Blue E2K pads
    PC with Black side of Adam's E2K pad
    Tons of towels

    1. Rinsed down the wheels
    2. Sprayed down the wheels with some P21S Wheel Cleaner
    3. Sprayed down the wheel wells and tires with P21S Autowash
    3. Brush and cleaned the wheels and tires with a Boar's Hair Brush and Spoke Brush
    4. Rinsed down the wheels, tires, and wheel wells
    5. Rinse the car down
    6. Used the Foam gun with Adam's Car wash
    7. Rinse car off throughly
    8. Brought the car in and proceeded to clay the car using Adam's Clay Bar and Detail Spray removed the excess detail spray
    9. Masked the car
    10. Used the Metabo with Menzerna SIP to polish out all the imperfections. (green pad) a few passes per panel at 1500 rpm (Metabo rotary)
    11. After each section was corrected I buffed off the excess polish with a MF Buffing Towel.
    12. Used Metabo with Menzerna 106 with E2k blue pad at 1500rpm to finish the paint off with a nice deep wet shine. (removed excess polish with MF Buffing towel)
    13. Applied FMJ with the PC. (the owner needed the durability as this is his daily)
    14. The test Applied Swissvax Saphir over the FMJ shortly after (as we wanted to bring out the depth..however we are not sure how long it will last and if the FMJ was properly set/cured we will see) but the depth and gloss came out nicely!
    15. Cleaned up the windows with Adam's Glass Cleaner (interior/exterior)
    16. Polished up the glass with Einszett Glas Polish applied by hand removed by hand
    17. Dressed the tires with Adam's VRT
    18. Dressed wheel wells with Adam's Undercarriage Spray
    19. Used Adam's Detail Spray to clean off the wheels.
    20. Used the Adam's Detail Spray for a final wipe down and inspected the car.

    1. Vacuumed the Interior
    2. Wiped down the door jambs with Adam's Detail Spray
    3. Cleaned Windows
    4. Interior cleaned with Einszett Cockpit on the dash and everything else that was not leather
    5. Cleaned and Conditioned the leather with Einszett Leather care

    Ok on to the pictures:


    Foam gun in action:

    Masking after clay:

    Paint correction:

    After Interior:

    Atention to detail:

    Final wipe down after Swissvax:

    After FMJ:

    After Swissvax:
  2. Calgarydetail

    Calgarydetail Getting to know Detailing

    top notch, very nice job
  3. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Sweet job, the vehicle looks much better. The vehicle looks very nice after the detail, I like the tag team you guys have going on. Quite nice actually.

    Love your details Phil, keep them coming buddy :D
  4. Ronnie

    Ronnie Birth of a Detailer

    very nice job I love those big BM's that is alot of car to detail!!
  5. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    I see that you're using my absolute favorite towels Phil, no others even come close to those!

    LOVE 'EM and great detail...

    FMINUS DB Pro Supporter

    I cant see pics at work :(
    Are those the towels u carry at DD?

    P1et, how do those compare to CGs yellows?

    I used to HATE Bimmer clears, but Ive gotten so used to doing them

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