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  1. milabfocker

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    Conducted a search for deionization units and found these:

    Deionizer Products: Mixed Bed, Dual Bed, Tri-Bed Deionizers | On The Go®

    This page shows a chart which indicates the potential output based upon the amount of TDS present in your water.

    Deionizer Technology | On The Go®

    Has anyone utilized a unit similar to this? Seems a little more economical compared to the CR Spotless systems. However, its difficult to be sure since I was not able to locate a chart which correlates output expectancy and TDS in regards to CR Spotless. Let me know.
  2. milabfocker

    milabfocker Jedi Nuba

    Actually, after pondering the idea for a minute, the output capacity should be identical; after all, resin is resin, no matter what unit utilizes it. However, the cost of entry level unit is fairly cheap; but it doesn't include an in-line TDS, just a hand held. I'm assuming this conversation has taken place at another point in time; however, is there any legit alternative to the CR Spotless or should I quit looking and take the hit for a CR Spotless unit?
  3. Denzil

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    I did some research myself along with reading Supe's research as well and it pretty much came down to that purchasing a CRSpotless from Costco is really your best bet. Also, if you'd like to replace the resin, you're best bet is to purchase the drum from CRSpotless directly since they provide free shipping, IIRC.
  4. d00t

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    I am looking in to reverse osmosis DI systems now... The CR Spotless just deionizes the water, it doesn't filter it. Autogeek sells one that not only deionizes the water, but also takes the sediment out of the water. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be better than the CR Spotless? Or am I mistaken and the CR Spotless DOES filter as well?
  5. SSTG

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    Do a search over at AG,from what I remember those units got horrible reviews. And the DI cartridge will remove some of the sediment by it's nature.
  6. blk45

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    RO systems waste a lot of water and have very slow output. Are you planning on having storage tanks?

    The AG filters do not de-ionize the water. I tried them first and was not impressed at all. They aren't even in the same ball park as the CR. A sediment filter doesn't hurt, but most city water won't have an issue with sediment content. The minerals in the water is what causes the spotting.

    Yep! I researched this a lot a while ago and ended up with the CR, and then Supe has researched it a lot more than I did and he finally came to the same conclusion.
  7. milabfocker

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    I used to own a saltwater reef aquarium and had a 3 stage RO/DI unit to provide filtered water for maintenance. As blk45 mentioned, RO units waste a lot of water; the RO membrane cannot process water quickly. As a result, there is a run off tube attached to the unit which must be placed in a sink or such to allow removal of excess water. On a positive note, the RO membrane has a considerable lifespan and greatly extends the longevity of the DI resin; it may be economical in comparison to the CR Spotless unit if water in your area is relatively inexpensive. You just need a reservoir to store the filtered water and plumb a gate/ball valve and pump inline to deliver the water when needed. Your presumption would be correct, an RO/DI unit would provide additional filtration to a CR Spotless DI unit; however, you must weigh the benefits to determine if this sort of unit is right for you. The unit I owned was a Coralife Pure Flo II; great unit and worth looking into if you decide to go this route.

    Coralife Pure-Flo II - 50 GPD 3 Canister RO/DI System
  8. SSTG

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    I also had a saltwater reef tank,just so you know they make units with more than 50gpd output. Also check out The Filter Guys cheapest prices I could find when I had my tank.
  9. d00t

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    Thank you sir! Guess I'll stick with my CR then. Would it be worth while to connect a RO Sediment filter TO the CR spotless? But I guess it doesn't make sense since you stated most water companies already take sediment out. But a lot of old houses around my area still use well water, which would destroy the resin... I know ;) .
  10. Nica

    Nica Banned

    When I was looking at water filters, I originally wanted RO..but after some reading/re-searching and finding out that RO wastes so much I decided to go with the CR unit. To be honest I'm very satisfied with my purchase, money well spent if you ask me.

    What ever you choose to go with, just keep in mind the output of the unit, if your going to connect the unit to a pressure washer it the filter has to put out enough water for the pressure washer to function properly..that is if your using a pressure washer, if your just going to be using a regular hose just keep in mind you may not get much pressure out of the hose...just my :2cents:

    Good luck with the hunt :peace:
  11. SSTG

    SSTG DB Forum Supporter

    Any problems with pressure on the CR unit?
  12. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Well to be honest, I've owned my CR unit for a few years now and I've never used a pressure washer...not till now, I now own a pressure washer...a gas powered pressure washer that I'm trying to figure out how to use...I've never used a gas powered pressure washer...but it can't be that hard, I'm sure it's as easy as a lawn mower :shead: Any who the point is that as soon as the temperature turns here in Calgary I'll be using the CR unit with my new pressure washer.

    I don't expect any issues though, the reason I say this is because the CR unit can deliver up to 4GPM and the pressure washer only requires 2GPM, so in theory the pressure washer and the CR unit should mesh well...but theory is one thing, actually doing it is another thing.
  13. SSTG

    SSTG DB Forum Supporter

    Cool, thanks Carlos.
  14. trl2112

    trl2112 Two Bucket System Washer

    I use my CR with a PW attached. I find it a better use since the PW only needs 2 GPM and is much more efficient at rinsing. The less water that goes through the CR the longer the resin will last.
  15. MtnRyder

    MtnRyder Virgin Detailer is very slow in this economy...keeps getting slower...I never have used or had a need to use a CR..due to the fact that I have help drying vehicles..however with business slowing I am possibly gonna have to let help go...In your opinions is the money I spend on CR and then replacement filters gonna save me $$ over paying someone to help dry the vehicles? With business slow I am thinking about doing a CR DIC-20 in place of the employee now helping dry.... I pay him $200-300 weekly..surely I'm not gonna spend that on replacement cartridges?? thanks for any input!
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