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    Had my 2 mates down for my club Modified-Elite in preparation for GTI SUD in the south of france , Biggy and Inti.

    Biggys focus is House of Kolor white with custom roof spraying , car done as usual with various products finished with Dodojuice Supernatural and roof finished with zaino z2pro.

    Inti,s Ecosse Peugeot is an award winning car and totally extreme in its entirety which is exactly what is was designed for.
    Car also finished with Supernatural inside and outside.

    Videos below just finished as no time on these for full details as we were too busy..Press HD for HiDef..

    Biggys focus

    YouTube - Xquisite Biggys Focus

    Inti,s Peugeot.

    YouTube - Inti,s Tigger Showcar ready for South Of France GTI SUD.

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