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  1. plowery21

    plowery21 New Member

    Planing on doing a full cleaning, compounding and polishing. I have auto scrub pad and clay, iron out and compounds.

    Question #1 Do I need to wash car with some strong detergents to strip old sealants/waxes?

    My plan was to wash, iron out, rinse, clay/auto scrub, compound and polish (use Top Inspection cleaner between).

    Question #2 when doing a 2 step compounding, do you complete entire car with one compound before moving on to next step or do you prefer to work one area, completing each step and polishing before moving on.

    Thanks for the input.
  2. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    1 - If you plan on doing all that decon and claying you won't need to strip the car down.

    2- it's best to finish compounding then move on to the next step, I find it easier to make sure everything was done and you don't go back to fix something again.
  3. plowery21

    plowery21 New Member

    Appreciate the response. Thanks!

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