Correction and Maintenance of Thin Paint (20-25µm)?

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    New user here. Hoping all you pros can help a guy out. Title pretty much says it all. I bought a car that looked fantastic last year. This year while getting a quote for a full correction I learn the paint is almost down to zero. Detailer took readings on whole car and nowhere was there more than 25microns. Some places were right around 20µm, some as high as 25 but that’s it. He used one of those expensive meters that measures total paint thickness, so I have no idea how much of that 20-25 is clearcoat and how much of it is base. He flat out refused to work on my car (can’t blame him).

    The good thing is there are only very minor swirls which should come out with a good polish, but what do I do after that to keep the paint looking good?

    Should I polish and then fork out the $1500-$1800 for a full xpel ultimate or suntek PPF wrap and replace every 4-5 years?
    Polish and then do CQUK or Opticoat and just start saving for a respray?

    It’s an ’02 corvette. I’d really like to keep the car for ten years if not more. It’s that darkish kinda candy red color. Car will need to be kept outside for foreseeable future, but I’m in California so…I'm not sure that makes much difference. Making the decision harder is the conflict that (A) the paint isn't my favorite color, but B, it is a pretty nice paint, very metallic and does looks really good in the sun.

    Too many variables. Looking for input from anyone who has an opinion. Open to criticism. Whatever.

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