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  1. carl333

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    1st post. I just purchased a Black Camry 2012 with 6000 miles. I have never really owned a relatively new car, so auto detailing was never really on my mind. I never really considered the words "car detailing" to any degree of seriousness until now. Just a quick wax job with a Wallymart product and I was done. Live north of the border so salt, infrequent car washes is what I have to deal with. I don't have a garage so I can't wash and detail until the finer weather sets in. I go through a touch less car wash every couple of weeks to little avail, the moment I drive off, its dirt and salt laden in no time.

    Car detailing has now somewhat become an obsession. I spent a few hours just researching and learning about MF towels. Good grief, who would have thought. So right now as I wait for spring to arrive, I am arming and educating myself with an arsenal of car detailing products and of course, what to buy.

    I do have a couple of questions and look for some well educated advise here if I may.

    Clay vs. nanoskin product or equiv. - Was going to clay but found some interesting reading about nanoskin and it looks like a great revolutionary product. I still read of many suggesting the use of clay and I wonder why. Excuse my ignorance, but is clay just old school thought by those that continue to suggest it and is nanoskin really a great alternative as it appears to be? Some comments from those that have used both would be most welcome.

    I will later post my detailing regiment that I plan on using my somewhat little education of car detailing with products that I intend to use. I hope to get on the right track from the get-go with some opinions here with the use of modestly priced products.

    Thanks for listening!
  2. 911Fanatic

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    From my experience, what you may find is that the newer products like Nanoskin and the Speedy Prep Towels / Mitts are quite a bit quicker than clay, they do tend to mar the paint if you're not careful or experienced with them. Using a clay like Riccardo yellow or Clay Magic Blue will significantly reduce the chances of marring the paint which is good news if you don't plan on polishing after. The other option would to be use a liquid like Carpro IronX to remove the iron particles and a mild solvent like Tarminator to remove road tar etc.
  3. Pureshine

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    I agree with Ken. With the Nanoskin mitt the key is to use plenty of lube or you will mar the paint. the biggest mistake people make with the Nanoskin products is not breaking them in the right way before using. I use the Nanoskin mitt all most every day with out marring. I still use clay if the car is really bad. I use Riccardo clay like Ken suggested its the best clay out there.
  4. TurboJoe

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    Clay if your a consumer, Nanoskin if your a professional.

    I use a mitt everyday at work because its super quick, easy, and does the job it's supposed to do. Plenty of lube = little to no marring.

    At home (on my personal vehicles or clients) , I prefer to use regular clay. It takes a lot longer, but I feel it does a better job. Sure you could do an equivalent job with the Nanoskin, but people tend to rush it. It's easier to focus on every square inch of paint with a little 2" block.
  5. mikek82890

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    agree with everyone up top .... having both doesnt hurt either and the nanoskin is great if you know what your doing. Personally, i like the nano skin because i tend to be a bit of a clutz when i clay or detail. Meaning, i tend to drop the clay (throw it away if you drop) so i tend to spend alot of money on clay. The nano skin on the other hand if you drop it just rinse it and continue on. but like everyone has said nano skin can mar if you dont lubricate. Just some things to think about if your penny pinching (being you just bought a car, im in the same boat so extra money is not always on hand esp. for clay bar lol)
  6. carl333

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    thanks guys, gotta remember, lots of lube, lots of lube!! Bought a nanoskin. Don't laugh, what's marring BTW?

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