Coat on top of clearbra?

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  1. LandShark1

    LandShark1 New Member

    I'm wondering if it's ok to Opti Gloss Coat on top of the clearbra? Or it's better just to use sealant/wax on top of it instead?

    Also, could one lightly polish the clearbra? Like using the Sonax 4/6 with a green uber pad?

    Thanks in advance guys. :)
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  2. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    You can apply Opti Gloss Coat on top of film that should not be a problem.
    You can wax or seal the film as well.

    Typically most manufactures do not want you to polish out film - that being said we have polished film. Best to check with the manufacturer of the film.
  3. LandShark1

    LandShark1 New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking to use the Sonax 0406 & a green uber pad (or a white pad) to polish the film just for clean & brightening before applying the coating on top.
  4. drbeasleys

    drbeasleys New Member

    Applying a nano coating on top of the clear bra will prevent the PPF from fading/discoloring. It'll also add another layer of protection. We do it all the time with our Nano-Resin. Go for it!

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