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  1. artemis53

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    I just bought an '85 Mustang GT 5.0 with the 302 HO Alum block, Holly 4-barrel and a 5-speed. It has a leak I am trying to pin-point, plus it is just generally dirty, so I need to seriously clean this engine bay.

    Main concerns are: I have never worked in a bay this old, all the rest I have worked on are from 2010 and newer. What are my concerns here? I will likely only use my fire-hose, and not PW, and I know to cover the distributor and all, but anything else?

    Also, i remember hearing that Simple Green is really bad for Aluminum, does anybody know 100% for sure if Zep Citrus or Purple are safe on aluminum blocks? If not, what product should I look into buying?

  2. piginapoke

    piginapoke Obsessive Detailer

    Zep citrus and/or steam!
  3. SoCal Garage

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  4. fech

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    Griots engine degreaser worked great for me. Simple green can hurt it.
  5. vegas911gts

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    Gl. I owned that exact car new back in 85. Everything on that car broke at least once or twice. I hope you have better luck with it than I did back then.
  6. kyle butler

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  7. Pureshine

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    I use my steamer cause I have restrictions through my HOA on cleaning engines.
  8. artemis53

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    Well, it has been well cared for, and a good friend of mine put a lot of money into it already and it has been bullet proof for him for over 5 years driving 300+ miles DAILY and the only thing to ever break was the alternator last year, I just replaced it and it is running STRONG!! This is the main reason I bought it, it has been proven dependable for him.

    Thank you all for your replies! I will have to go buy MOAR Zep Citrus, lmao, and I guess it is time to finally pull the trigger on at least some kind of steamer now that I have this thing! hahaha!!
  9. BigDreZ28

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    i'm sure my wagner 915 from lowes doesn't compare to a unit like the vx5500 but for right around $100 it works pretty decent for doing the basics. Might be worth looking at if you're on a tighter budget like myself.

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