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Discussion in 'Show and Shine' started by vxrmarc, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. vxrmarc

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    Ok ive been involved with a project with ChemicalGuys after they invited me to make a wax with them , ive batted some ideas about and in return they have come up with after many months of two and fro a wax im very happy with called Celeste Dettaglio which means HeavenlyDetail the name of my company.
    I have used Swissvax CrystalRock for many months now simply because its a great wax and also because it has to be the easiest product on the market to use im my opinion which is so important to me , im not a fan of 5 minute curing waxes that dry bullet proof and need scrapeing off and crystal rock having a 15 , 20 minute + cure time is great because it allows time for other things to be done and still even after x hours removes with a breeze , therefore this was high on the list of must haves for Celeste.
    Secondly i wanted something that would blow me away on great colours as i detail alot of showcars and work on alot of House Of Kolor cars and although sealents are well suited to these colours for the flakes i prefer a wax for the wetness and contours of lines. Celeste has given me this and i find is surprisingly standing upto some of the high end boutique waxes in tests ive done with owners who have it on their car and compared it to high end waxes they did have. I always appreciate there will be comments on expensive waxes that its all in the prep and i couldnt agree more but i personally can see differences in some waxes compared to others with what im looking for and im very happy with what Celeste offers..
    Durability is unknown as yet as ive only had it on my car for just over 2 months and also a blue RS Focus and its standing up well , im not expecting it to compete with the likes of collonite and i dont expect it to , im not a fan of collonite at all and visually when ive used collonite on showcars its done nothing for me or the owner.
    Wax to me is about the visuals , not in 6 months time , thats my philosophy that people that are into detailing and buying waxes want to wax so having a durability of 6 to 8 months is irrelevant , i dont know anyone at all that cannot leave their own vehicle for more than a month before wanting to rewax it for the pleasure aswell as the protection, i believe if they want a wax with 6 months durability then they dont worry to much about the visual apperance of their car but i appreciate here in canada/usa and the harsh winters this may appeal to some people....
    Celeste has been slotted inbetween 50/50 and ezyme of which i both own , i didnt feel the benefits of it being priced alot more than it will be because i wanted it to be accesible to people who maybe want a more expensive wax and something a little special and not everyone drives a Ferrari and know that my friends dont so purchasing this wax would be in their budget which is also important for me , my goal is to have it on 5 or 6 of the Top 25 Uk showcars by this time next season.
    I hope if people do get samples or try this wax they enjoy it , for me its what ive been looking for in a wax especially the smell ive chosen which is my favourite and i hope people find it as easy and wet as i find it when detailing with it..

    This is a video i made of Celeste at one of the Uk,s top showcar events Modified Nationals 2010 , its where Autoglym have their Top25 showcar events and 3 of my cars i look after were present including my own Green RS Focus.

    YouTube - HeavenlyDetail at Modified Nationals uk
  2. agpatel

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    Hope it is a great wax, been following some of your detail for some time and always top notch. Looking forward to it coming out.

    Any sample pots being made for the launch :) (Does not hurt to ever ask haha)
  3. Pats300zx

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    Congrats on the new wax debut Marc. I own both 50/50 and E-Zyme and both are awesome waxes. I have no doubt that your new product will be a huge hit.
  4. luke093

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    Congrats! Hopefully it will be a nice wax to own hopefully priced at $100 which is something that I can afford, unlike those $200-500 ones. And if you need a tester, you know who to go to! -->ME<-- ;)
  5. agpatel

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    Just looked at the UK CG site, have a pre-order going and going price is 120 GBP. Dont know what the US price is going to be.
  6. kei169

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    really looking forward to the wax!
  7. vxrmarc

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    Thanks guys , i have no issues with expensive waxes and i own some myself in fact quite a few but after discussions im happy in the knowledge if people want to try it its not out of price range and delivers in my opinion top end looks , if i was asked how would i change this wax i wouldnt.
    I believe ive done the wax justice by actually applying it to cars when the owners have simply said put what you think is best on and havent informed them until ive had their thoughts , ive had no negativity so far and my car at Modified Nationals the purple 206 was in the opinion of alot of the exhibitors and a couple of Magazine employees the best they,d ever seen it , im liking it alot..
  8. tdekany

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    Congrats Marc!!
    BTW, are you a chemist?

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