CG new wax ?

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  1. raptor

    raptor Virgin Detailer

  2. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

    linky no workie :shrug:
  3. barrym

    barrym DB Forum Supporter

    From the dutch Chemical Guys site (

    Kore Dark
    Kore Light

    €1200! (works out at almost $1800 at todays exchange rate) :yikes:

    Here is the blurb from the site:

    KORE-PASTE WAX R4 -Redesign-Reinvent-Revolutionize the art of CAR CARE.

    It starts with a desire to achieve visual excellence. 100% hand crafted perfection.
    The highest quality Paste Wax paint has ever seen housed in the most innovative and
    scientifically advanced storage canister ever.

    One solid block of the highest grade Aerospace yreated Aluminum drafted, engineered, designed and built 100% in the USA to house the rarest and finest of Paste Waxes. Even down to the Aerospace grade pre-treated stainless steal screws that hold it together is hand crafted in the USA.

    Chemical Guys KORE Paste Wax canister is the first storage unit of its kind utilized in the car care industry. A solid brick of 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum, the highest strength series of aluminum alloys for aircraft applications and is pre-tempering coated to resist temperatures between 500° to 650° C. for a period exceeding 24 hours.

    Each KORE Unit is assembled in airtight environment and sealed the minute it is poured to assure freshness. KORE paste is as fresh when you open it as the minute it was poured.
    The specially designed canister utilizes a unique VAC-SEAL system, a four screw tighten and seal system that creates an ideal vacuum inside the canister when the screws on the top of the canister are tightened. This seal in the first of its kind, designed to preserve and maintain an ideal climate for the paste wax.

    The Making of KORE - Natural and developed only from organic premium ingredients.
    Highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market using natural enzymes and premium seasonal waxes from around the world with zero additives fillers of abrasive chemicals.

    KORE is nature perfected. In order to make the best product you often have to analyze the core ingredients used to achieve the desired results. Developed from the most refined natural tropical oil extracts and utilizing the hardest and most durable protective agents nature can produce. Combined with natural enzymes, it delivers a natural paste wax unlike anything you have ever seen or smelled before 100% naturally.

    KORE is uniquely formulated for the finest paint finishes in two separate blends:

    - KORE LIGHT –Silver Naturally Coated Aluminum Canister– for light colored paints and metallics
    - KORE DARK-Black Heat Darkened Aluminum Canister- for dark paint finishes and metallic’s.
  4. raptor

    raptor Virgin Detailer

    now its ok :sorry:

  5. bigmikela

    bigmikela Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Wow! Got to say I love the case. Probably would be a pain in the a$$ to open but it's still cool looking.
  6. dankfanatic

    dankfanatic Guest

    im gonna have to hit up Paul and see if he can give me a free sample. :giggle:
  7. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Learn to polish and you won't need an $1800 wax.
  8. Cooter

    Cooter Guest

    Layeth the smacketh down Ken!!!!!!
  9. dankfanatic

    dankfanatic Guest

    LOL! i think most of us here know this already...
  10. GDAL

    GDAL Guest

    No mercy Ken ... ouch!!!
  11. Chas

    Chas DB Forum Supporter

    I'm jumping on board with Ken on this one, 1800 is a little much.
  12. HPIA4v2

    HPIA4v2 Birth of a Detailer

    IMHO CG is trying too hard.
  13. willjco

    willjco DB Forum Supporter

    $1800 is way to much for a wax from CG...maybe if it was a SV product it would be worth it
  14. lifemal

    lifemal Wax on..Wax off

    What if it turns out to be better than a SV product?
  15. crew219

    crew219 Birth of a Detailer

    I don't see how tightening the screws would create a vacuum inside the case. If anything it'd create a slight pressure. Also without an o-ring or some form of seal, the wax is not going to be sealed in that case.

    Regardless, it's all slightly ridiculous.

  16. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    No wax is worth that kind of money. I have some Vintage here that I absolutely love. I also have some less expensive waxes that look so close on a well prepared car that you wouldn't be able to tell. Five years ago, the higher offerings from Zymol and Swisswax were indeed head and shoulders above anything else. The playing field has been levelled to a point now that other than being able to afford it, there is no reason to spend that kind of money. And no, you can't have my Vintage! LOL
  17. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    Looks like you would be paying more for the case than the wax . LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. willjco

    willjco DB Forum Supporter

    ^^^ yea the case looks like it is worth more then the wax.. LOL
  19. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    Block of Al that big is not very cheap haha...machining is not cheap as interested to see how it holds up against wax's in the price range.

    But like Ken said, if you can polish and refine the paint then all the wax does is help it out a bit, kind of like garnish on a dish...just gives it that something cant make a burger from Burger King look like nice steak burger from a nice restaurant just by putting some garnish on the side.
  20. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    hmmmm...wonder who is gonna purchase it...

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