CAUTION OF 95-850 wagon!!

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by chemgys99, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    Are you kidding? This is DB, the detailers gentleman forum!
  2. SoCal Garage

    SoCal Garage DB Forum Supporter

    @95-850 wagon,

    You received a tracking number that's easily tracked via Internet. Granted the USPS can sometimes be irregular in its updates during shipping, BUT when received on the other end, and on the day of delivery, the USPS does an excellent job of recordation. The route carrier has to login the tracking number via a handheld scanner—the room for error is very little.

    This is what bothers me the most. I have at times contacted others about their dealings with another member on forums, but never in the context of accusations—only as an inquiry. The only time I've interjected is when there is a prevailing trend of either substantiated positive or negative postings where I have legitimate experience worthy of contributing. 95-850 wagon, actions like this do not speak highly of your intent.
  3. sgvevo9mr

    sgvevo9mr Two Bucket System Washer

    Small world! Whittier is ten minutes away from me.
  4. Upper Class Detailing

    Upper Class Detailing DB Pro Supporter

    Open an investigation with USPS.
  5. rfinkle2

    rfinkle2 DB Forum Supporter

    None of this explains why 2 of us got negative feedback and never even heard of this character.
  6. 95-850 wagon

    95-850 wagon Banned

    Look people I am doing what I can to make this right with kaleo. Considering that he did send the package and that I never received it. Neither of us are at fault. Im not here to screw anyone over and I know that kaleo is a nice guy. I am going to check with my post office and see what happened to the package. I dont want any bad blood between kaleo and I and once I figure out where the package went I will compensate him.
    Yes I am the new guy and I do see it from your guys shoes. I do think that it is inappropriate to post my license plate # and Im sure that admin will agree. Kaleo already has my information.
  7. sgvevo9mr

    sgvevo9mr Two Bucket System Washer

    So why the negative feedback?
  8. 95-850 wagon

    95-850 wagon Banned

    Because I was butthurt and acting like a little bitch. Thats the truth. Looking back I regret sending him negative feedback. He did nothing to deserve it. I can even confirm that the tracking number said that it was delivered, I just dont know where because I never got it. None the less this is not Kaleos fault and I Hope that Admin sees this and removes the negative feedback...he didnt deserve it. As I said I am trying to track down where the package went and Either way I will take care of Kaleo and we are working this out.
  9. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    I once had the mail guy drop a package with one of my neighbors here at work as I wasn't around. Problem was I didn't know the guy that signed for it so I had them drag the letter carrier in on his day off to show me where he dropped it.
  10. JSF721

    JSF721 Jedi Nuba

    95-850 wagon,

    This a public forum and for the guys that frequent this place have become a close family over time. People here are very willing and able to help each other out and go to great lengths for each other. I see this as a family sticking together. I have not read every detail of this exchange but I can tell you the best way to clear it up is, track your package, see who signed, if it was not you-or someone at you address- file a claim with the USPS, the buyier gets his $ back and you dont have to pay. But keep in mind that if any part of your story is untrue, you will be prosecuted by the Postal Inspector as this is a Felony-you cannot mess with the US mail. You are going to feel stupid sitting in Jail for lying about a box of detailing supplies. And if your telling the truth, then you have nothing to fear.

    I have purchased from DD multiple times (Phil's picture is in the dictionary under reputable and honest business practices) and other person(s) on this forum and everyone has always treated me as a guest in their home. That is the program at DB...........->get with it or move on...... Even if you are accurate, you did not handle the situation correctly. It's pretty simply->track package->get signature and either pay or file a claim. Sitting at home stating you never got it is not briniging this any closer to a resolve.

    I have no idea if you are guilty or innocent, but your catching flack becasue you are handling this unprofessionally and your actions are of a guilty person. Right now you are guilty in the court of public opinion due to your lack of handing your business like a business man. And for all I know you may be a very young person who just does not know better so I am providing you with the steps you need to follow to get this resolved.

    Good Luck!
  11. JSF721

    JSF721 Jedi Nuba

    Good Point! Seems you only came around once we got you address and License plate..............................
  12. 95-850 wagon

    95-850 wagon Banned

    Think whatever you want
  13. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    Bad response.
  14. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

  15. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    mis tracked items are a very very very rare would almost have to intentionally screw up the scan.
  16. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    I stopped thinking 10 years ago, and process based on what type of information I have, makes me a successful investigator..........

    if you are innocent of no wrong doing that is fine, but trust me USPS right now has nothing better to do, especially the postal investigators (the guys in the raid vests that say USPS INSPECTOR POLICE) on it. Right now you have the burden of proof, you have to prove to USPS that you did not get it, and that will be very hard to do, I hope you are being on the up and up, it would be sad to see someone actually go to jail over car detailing products, while Ive seen people go to jail for less..........just do what is right.

    what was the total dollar amount of items in question, if someone knows.

  17. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

  18. 95-850 wagon

    95-850 wagon Banned

    No actually you have to prove that I reveived it...(ie..signature required)
    good luck considering I never did receive it.
  19. 95-850 wagon

    95-850 wagon Banned

    And it was 185$ to be exact
  20. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    K, so happened I mentioned this to my neighbor who is a deputy, states that basically the best thing to do is contact the local law enforcement agency and give them your proof of sale trans action, and tracking number and that is a "legal contract" and they will go from there, but be advised alot of agencies right now are back logged.......... so $100.00 does not push it into felony land unless you get USPS involved. But it is a misdemeanor ; So if you cannot get satisfaction those are your two routes............ internet crimes, craigslist, forum trading, sales eBay etc have become an issue and they are taken seriously but its all about manpower.

    Good luck guys.
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