CAUTION OF 95-850 wagon!!

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by chemgys99, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    Just a heads up to everyone. I normally wouldn't do this kind of thing but I think it's something everyone should be aware of. 95-850 wagon aka christopher saumur has been trying to get items from people on this forum without paying. I know of 3 instances including one of my own that he wanted us to ship items while he was waiting on money to through PayPal. Unfortionutly one member did trust him and sent item before payment. Now he's not returning pm's and not paying. Again I don't like throwing others under the bus, however I have been very pleased with everyone on this site and believe that everyone here is a man/woman of their word. That being said I believe it should be known to others on here to be extremely cautious with this guy. I don't want others to be screwed over by Chris. This thread isn't meant to start anything between others. Just an awareness.
    Thanks db!
  2. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    Yeah...I got the following email this morning:

    View attachment 5246

    I thought it was strange it went to me.
  3. v|nsan|ty

    v|nsan|ty Obsessive Detailer

  4. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    FYI...PayPal will not back payments made though as a 'gift'.
    Suck it up and pay the 3% processing fee.

    And never ever ship before payment is accepted.
  5. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    Yeah I'm not quite sure why some1 would ship before payment. Point is some1 is trying to screw others over. Just wanted people to be aware of it :)
  6. mrd0t

    mrd0t Obsessive Detailer

  7. Carbon

    Carbon DB Forum Supporter

    Ha, the wagon guy just gave negative feedback

    "So this guy was selling me a product and gave me a tracking number....i never recieved the product and luckily due to the sellers lack of feedback score,I didnt prepay for it. I still have yet to recieve my product and if and when I do I will gladly pay for it..."

    I edited this post for the time being.
  8. 95-850 wagon

    95-850 wagon Banned

    no Im pissed that this thread was even started when people dont even know the whole story!!
  9. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    Listen bud. You shouldn't have the balls to ask someone to ship something to begin with. And If they had a bad rating why even deal with them? I delt with the guy you are referring to many of times and he is extremely reliable. I will not continue to make an argument with you. If anyone would like to read our pm convo I will gladly share. As I I am sure the others will as well. Take this as a lesson and move on :)
  10. mike aesthetica

    mike aesthetica Jedi Nuba

    I am curious to the story - I know bank to paypal account transfers can take 3-5 days, add in weekends and it could be even more. Fill us in.
  11. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    Yeah I would like to know more about this.........

    always down to read about someone engaging in 18 USC 1343

    Of course the burden of proof is placed on the buyer, but it a legit issue and trust me postal inspectors have nothing better to do these days except nail people with some nice felonies.

    But again, without the risk of being presumptive Id like to hear the whole story.
  12. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    I agree it could take 3-5 days. However he asked me to ship stuff before payment. Which I found bizarre seeing that the other member never received money. So I declined that and said pay me when money goes through.(had no money in account) He said that's fine it might take a couple days. 4 days later I asked him if if he got money yet and if he still wants it. His response was he is waiting to pay someone else that he bought something from. So he can't pay yet. 6 days after first post I responded again to update. Again response was he is pissed at kaleo and he is screwing him over for not receiving product yet....uh you never paid bud. Lol
    i told him to forget it. Obviously he has other things he needed to taken care of and I had others interested in the products. also I was starting to believe he was bs-ing people. If you want to see actual convo pm me and I'll send you it. I'm sure kaleo will fill you guys in on his story then.
  13. chemgys99

    chemgys99 DB Forum Supporter

    Also I'm not going to post up the convo on this thread. Pm me if you would like. I said what I had to say. Others will chime in soon. I just wanted others to be aware of what happened and to be cautious dealing with him. Three of us had bad communication and iffy things were said. The three of us have all great feedback and I'm sure a lot of you have delt with us before. He has no feedback and new member. I could be completely innocent. But it's not a way to start out on a forum.
  14. rfinkle2

    rfinkle2 DB Forum Supporter

    Hey guys. Haven't been on the forum in a while, but got negative feedback from this douche as well.

    Most of the guys who know me know I would NEVER, EVER not ship a payed for item etc.

    I KNOW KILO_6 ONE to be a very trustworthy person on this forum as well.
  15. Kaleo

    Kaleo DB Forum Supporter

    That is strange indeed!

    This is the first time i've seen you respond to anything since the "transaction" .

    So as some of you have seen, I have posted for sale some items. Christopher expressed interest in my Supernatural Wax. We exchanged emails to set it up and he asks that once he gets a tracking number he will transfer funds. My mistake was sending it out first I'll admit to that! So I PM Christopher with the number and told him it was sent. He responds quickly that the funds were transferred that morning from his Citibank into my paypal account. I checked and it didn't show up that day so I figure give it a few days to clear. As you all can see in my F/S thread, I posted again four days later asking him what's the deal with the payment? No response from him at all. I sent him several PM's asking what is going on, still no answer.

    Seven days have passed since and still not one response from this person. I ask Chemsgys99 if he has heard anything...well what do you know he has heard from Christopher and tells him that I am screwing him over so he didn't even send over the payment...yet I have the private message that was told that payment was already transferred. I even found his Facebook page and sent him another message there asking to respond and let's get this sorted out. Once again nothing! All of the information I have found out in regards to Christopher has been given to me from chemsgys99 himself and not 95-850 wagon. Tough lesson learned for me but what makes it worse is that I have dealt with several members on here and not once have I encountered any issues what so ever.

    To Christopher- you are mad at me because i'm screwing you over by sending over a product that you didn't even pay for? On good faith I included other items in the box and actually covered more then half the shipping cost to you. You are mad that people don't know the whole story...well you know what, neither do I as you have never sent me any response to any of my messages that I sent to you on here and your FB page I said it in my first message to you and i'll say it again....I hope you are aware that you stole from me! Even if your claim of not receiving anything holds true, that went out the window when you declined to respond to the seller directly which is ME! So man up and let's sort this out because you are digging one hell of a hole man and at this point it don't look like you're coming out.
  16. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    :gidiup:Lets get the foam cannons and steam cleaners and clean his know...

    I can say from experience that both Chemsgys99 and Kaleo are standup sellers. Sucks they got screwed over :/
  17. Carbon

    Carbon DB Forum Supporter

    Uh oh Wagon....
  18. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

  19. DirtyWeRX

    DirtyWeRX DB Forum Supporter

    "He turned me into a newt!..... I got better..."
  20. 95-850 wagon

    95-850 wagon Banned

    I would love to get this cleared up If the seller would work with me. I honestly never received anything...he gave me a tracking number but nothing ever came. I chalked it up to just a bad experience. I never posted anything about it or ripped on him for it because I hadn't paid yet. But like I said I would love to get this straightened out.
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