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    I've never really hand washed my car but I would like to start.

    I bought a bunch of microfiber towels which I believe I will use for drying after washing. (any other uses?)

    I also stocked up on car wash soaps from chemical guys.

    I want to do a two bucket car wash. Already have one bucket so I will go to home depot to pick up one of their 5 gallon buckets.

    I will need grit guards for the two buckets. I plan on getting 3 grit guards total; 2 for rinse bucket and 1 for the wash bucket. Or should I just get one grit guard with washboard for my rinse bucket? Also, for regular grit guards, does it matter if i buy the "Grit Guard" grit guards or chemical guys grit guards?

    I will be picking up these wash mitts: mitt mitt

    These two seems to be the best being sold from amazon so I will try them both to see which one I will be using from then on.

    Does everything look good so far? Comment below for corrections/recommendations please.

    Now, this is where i really need help. What do I do with washing my wheels?

    From researching, it seems like I will need another bucket solely dedicated to washing the wheels.

    • does this bucket need grit guards? if so, how many?
    • can i use the chemical guys soap for washing the wheels or would i need special wheel washing soap?
    • would i put aside one of those wash mitts for the wheels? or is there a different type of washing thing for wheels?


    After I finish washing and drying my car, what is the usual step I would take?

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