Can these headlights be restored?

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  1. rpm4242

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    Hey Guys,

    Can you take a look at the attached photos and tell me what is going on with my headlights? The second photo is an extreme closeup of the first photo. Both headlights look this way and I'm thinking it is well beyond an oxidization issue as I have tried several different solutions without success. Is there any possible way of restoring the headlights?



    QUENGA Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    You'll have to sand them.
  3. flatstick

    flatstick Birth of a Detailer

    I would sand them then top with a coating .
  4. rpm4242

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    What is the best method for sanding? I have seen different recommendations concerning going in the same direction from beginning to end while others suggest alternating horizontally/vertically between sandpaper grits. Would it be okay to start with 400 grit? Also, what coating do you guys recommend?
  5. vtec92civic

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    What you are experiencing is called crazing and that is when the plastic cracks in the manner. If its n on the exterior which it looks like it is you can sand it for sure. No need to sand in the same direction but out of habbit I try my best to.

    If it was me I would go:


    If that seems to much you can hit it with 600 then jump to 1500 and compound but baby steps will yield better results IMHO.

    Once you hit it with 2000 grit then you compound, polish, IPA wiped own and seal with a permanent coating of some sort. If you have a DA you can use sanding discs for quicker more uniform results.
  6. StreetShotz

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    I have done a number of lights that look just like that.
    It can be restored however I would recommend clear coating them. To remove the damage you will need to sand off a significant amount of coating/plastic and they tend to discolour rather fast.

    Using a high quality clear coat will help keep them in much nicer shape for longer (until the UV coating breaks down again)
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    What would you recommend for a clear coat? Ive recently decided to sand and coat my headlights but I am having a hard time finding a definite answer for clear coats, Id like to stick with an aerosol clear coat being that I don't have a paint gun to apply a 2k clear coat... also after clear coating would I have better results to buff and polish that coating as well or is the coating enough of a step to provide a nice clear finish?

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