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    So after 20+ years off the grid and barely washing my vehicles throughout the years I am now urban and retired. I have a Jeep which I have rejuvenated good enough for the hundreds of miles of Forest Rds we have and my addiction has always been a John Cooper Works [Mini] which I bought in black [never do that!!!], 22 months old [2017] and which has seen one too many car washes.
    I am already addicted to detailing it.
    I understand after hours and hours of You Tube videos, much reading and this wonderful Forum the concepts. Having been a Master Chef all my Life, physics and chemistry has always been at the forefront of the profession. Three sided carports somehow protects the vehicles and as I come to stating why I am writing this post, it is simply "confusion" and yet with a couple deeper questions "which product should I use?".
    My big hurdle are swirls... Everything else is fine even though again I need to mention which sealant should I use? Which glaze? the main question remaining which for "swirls" as I use a 3" random orbital buffer [for ease of handling] and lights and buckets and on and on.
    To make the matters worse as I talked to "Autogeek" [great customer service by the way] I am told, the bottom line, it is personal preference, depends on the car make, depends on the weather pattern and again, on and on. I understand...
    This is what I am thinking...
    After wash, clay...

    *1) Menzerna Medium cut polish 2400 [part # PO85RD 3.02] OR Wolfgang swirl remover [???]

    followed by

    *2) Menzerna SF 3800 OR Menzerna 3 000 [polish ???]

    followed by

    *3) Menzerna [now Jescar] Powerlock Sealant OR Wolfgang deep gloss sealant 3.0 [???]

    I don't have hundreds of dollars for trial and error products purchasing... I don't think anyone would want to.

    Any direction choosing the better product, if there is such a thing, would be very appreciated.

    Sorry to be so long winded! Thank You if you have read this far...

    Stay well, Ara

    JCW new stripes.jpg
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    Oh! well... Thanks for the feedback...


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