BMW 335xi - Black Saphire Pearl

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  1. Phil.P

    Phil.P Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    This is my 1st detail of 2011!

    This car has been my dad's old daily driver. He bought it new in 08' with everything except the navi package. This car was a blast to drive with the 6 speed and JB stage 2 chip. Even more fun in the snow with the traction control turned off :D I even had the chance to bring it to a local track event, pretty sick low end torque if you ask me!

    Anyhow, my dad sold it to his insurance broker (mine too) in February. As part of the deal, my dad said that I (me and me brother) will bring the car back from the dead. After 2.5 months, I got the car for it's revival.

    I (we) had a really tight working window. I used the warehouse where I usually work (summer). The client wanted the car back around 3-4PM the next day. He left it off on the 21st at 3. I had until 9PM the 1st day and 3:30PM the next day. I coulnd take alot of pictures :( I cleaned the engine and I forgot to snap a pic lol, that's how bad time was. I managed to drag my brother in for the 2nd day of work. Ruffly, total time was a little less than 10 hours.

    Also, I'm sorry for the bad pics, my dad took his D300S and left me with an old point and shoot digital camera. Autofocus FTL.

    Products used:

    - 2 bucket system
    - WG Autobathe
    - Microfiber wash mitt
    - Ricardo yellow clay + lube
    - Zep Citrus 3:1 (if any LSP left)
    - Dehydrator MF drying towel

    Wheels + tires:
    - CG Diablo wheel gel (4:1)
    - Zep Purple on tires
    - DP Wheel Glaze
    - Daytona Speed Brush + other brushes
    - WG Tire shine

    Compound + polishing:
    - Optimum Hyper Compound + LC yellow pad
    - Optimum Hyper Polish + LC green pad
    - WG hand polishing pad
    - PC 7474 DA + 6" backing plate

    - Shopvac 6.5HP vaccum
    - Leatherique twins + leather brush
    - DP Total interior Cleaner
    - 303 Protectant
    - CG New Car Smell
    - Various detail brushes
    - Cheap MFs
    - Zep Purple (3:1), Hertel and elbow grease on pedals + floor mats

    - Collinite 476S
    - Pinnicale Souverain
    - Cobra 400 junior MFs for buffing.

    - DP Krystal Vision
    - DP Glass Restorer
    - Aquapel
    - Cheap MFs for buffing

    Here are some pics that I managed to snap!:

    This is how I got it, really dirty, to think the car is black...


    I took out the floor mats. These things were DIRTY and salty. I cleaned them good right before my dad sold the car. So in like 2 months they got to this point. Yay for Quebec winters and salting!



    Leatherique reguv oil doing it's work:

    You guys saw how bad the carpets were, imagine the carpet at the foot well... I'll spare the eye sore and just post an after picture haha!

    Pedals and carpet cleaned.

    That Zep Purple on tires is the shiznit! The road grim falls right off! You can see a brown ish puddle on the floor... ewww. Also, wheels were shot with CG Diablo wheel gel 4:1


    LSP stripping. I dont think that the WG paint sealant survived the winter, but I didnt take any chances. The car was givien a nice coat of Zep Citrus 3:1 and left for 5 mins.



    This is the LAST two pics I took. The owner was backing up the car to leave since he was in a hurry. If I have something to say, Collinite 476s is a pain to remove. You really gotta put some work into it! wow. Hopefully it will last! Topped off with Souverain to give it a nice wet look.


    The client was more then satisfied and was afraid to drive it back to his house.

    Thanks for viewing!
  2. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    Nice job! How long did it take you to get rid of the scratches in that hard clear with your PC? And how did you like the Hyper compound?
  3. m4gician

    m4gician Birth of a Detailer

    Wow! Very nice cleaning that quebec car, the winter is so harsh on those cars. great job! Where did you detail this? you have a warehouse?
  4. Phil.P

    Phil.P Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I took most of them out, but I needed at least 3 passes to achieve a decent correction. Since time was of the essence, I only compound the hood, fenders and trunk. I'm REALLY looking forward to buying a rotary. I'll lend you the compound to try out, I liked it. No dust, easy on, easy off, great cut with different pads.

    I did this where I usually work when I'm not in university. We have the center garage/warehouse that I can use. I cant work from my house since the garage has been converted into a bedroom (mine) and I dont want to polish/wax outside since my driveway is pointing south (always sunny).
  5. Kaban

    Kaban Welcome to Detailing

    Nice job.

    These cars are nice but it is an absolute disgrace how cheap the interior is on those cars... from the leather, to the plastics, to the fit and finish, to the design and ergonomics. I was just appalled because it feels like a sub $20k car inside. My friend has one and the interior dye is already coming off in many places and loose trim everywhere, not to mention the leather seats are a joke at the very least.
  6. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    My friend has one of these cars in white and it looks great, he manages to get it detailed for free every week from BMW

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