Black FJ Cruiser (Paint Correction and Interior)

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    Here are some pics from a detail I performed this past weekend. The truck/Small SUV was in need of some care. The owner said it had trail scars. I have more pics that I will try to add later.

    These have some of the after shots as well as an interior before and after under the rear seats.

    Equipment and Chemicals used:
    Rupes 15, Yellow Uber Cutting pads, Green Polish pads
    Menzerna FG400
    Sonax 4/6
    VX5000 Steamer
    1ZEinszett Deep plastic cleaner and Cockpit premium
    AF Snow foam
    P21s Total Auto Wash

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    I don't see too many of those around here that are dirty lol. Looks good!

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    Thanks to Admin for posting them into the body of the forum.

    mrgolfrider, you are correct, most are road vehicles just driven to look good, but this owner uses his. He does a lot of predator and vamint hunting, thus the light rack across the top. I told him that I may have messed him up in that now he may not want to take it off road any more.

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    Awesome job man!
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    Damn the interior was nasty! Good job on the interior. What was your method to clean the fabric seats?


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    On the seats I use Adams Carpet and Upholstery and my VX5000. Most of the interior was cleaned using the 1Z Deep Plastic cleaner and the steamer.

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    It's awesome when you get results like this in particular 4WD'S. Customers don't ever want to go four wheel driving again because the car is too damn clean. lol
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