Black 1994 Toyota Supra detailed by Anthony Onorato in NJ

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  1. Anthony Onorato

    Anthony Onorato Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    The owner of this Supra(which I might not even have the year correct) contacted me through facebook to have his paint corrected. I was told the car was detailed before and there were a ton of swirls and holograms. I think we can all agree that it's a breath of fresh air when someone knows what they're talking about. Anyway, it's a sweet ass car, I believe I was told it's making about 650hp or we wanted it to look sweet. The paint ended up being ungodly hard to finish, like BMW's dreaded Jet Black paint. So I had to use ONR and brand new microfibers in order to remove the polish residue, and take extreme caution while sealing.

    Products Used:
    Adam's Car Shampoo
    Meguiar's APC+
    Wheels cleaned with Sonax FE Wheel Cleaner
    Glass cleaned with Adam's Glass Cleaner
    M101 on LC HT Cyan
    Sonax 3/6 Nano on LC Tangerine Hydrotech
    Paint, wheels, and trim sealed with Sonax Polymer Net Shield
    Tires dressed with CG VRP II
    Wheel wells dressed with CG Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray
    Engine dressed with CG Black on Black spray
    Interior - 1z Einszett Cockpit Premium
    Interior - 1z Einszett Deep Plastik Cleaner
    ONR(clay lube)
    Meguiar's Mild Clay
    ONR(detail spray)

    What the vehicle looked like when I showed up:

    A close up of the damage:

    So the polishing began. I went with M101 on a LC HT Cyan pad as the paint was stubborn to work out the defects, yet soft enough to mar with some of my best towels....weird. Anyway, This is a before and after shot...I believe I also hit this section with Nano 3/6 as M101 marred quite a bit.




    50/50, M101 on MF and Sonax 3/6 on LC HT Tang pad on Rupes 15:

    Finished shots:

    The sun was setting as I finished up so I had to rush for these shots, so it was tough to get some good ones, so I had to make do with what I had!

    Thanks for looking!

    Anthony Onorato
    South Jersey[/QUOTE]
  2. BigDreZ28

    BigDreZ28 Jedi Nuba

    wow....great work
  3. kyle butler

    kyle butler Birth of a Detailer

    nice save! looking proper now
  4. Socal Brian

    Socal Brian DB Forum Supporter

    great job!
  5. kaiten408

    kaiten408 Jedi Nuba

    Nice turnaround, those cars deserve to always looks that good. I like how he has kept the outside mostly stock, nothing worse than taking a nice car and making it look like shit with tacky ground effects and aftermarket spoilers
  6. Cobrakai

    Cobrakai Virgin Detailer

    Gorgeous! One day I hope to obtain one, always been a dream to own a "Japanese Muscle Car".
  7. 3PedalMINI

    3PedalMINI DB Forum Supporter

    Wicked bro!
  8. CG6Lemon

    CG6Lemon New Member

    getting me interested in the 3/6 for soft paint situations.

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