Better than Ultrafina?

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  1. kenny1775

    kenny1775 Jedi Nuba

    I'm going nuts here thinking that Menz PO85rd might be able to beat my Ultrafina SE :shead:

    Would anyone here with experience with both products care to weigh in on this?

    I mean, it's going to cost me close to $60 to get this shipped in, and I'm wondering if it's really worth it... Is it that much better?

    Mind you, I am searching for the Perfect Shine :meditation:
  2. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    85RD does have a better gloss level than Ultrafina.
  3. kenny1775

    kenny1775 Jedi Nuba

    Dagnammit' :wall:

    Ok... Just tell me there's nothing better and I'll put the order in :beg:
  4. bryansbestwax

    bryansbestwax DB Forum Supporter

    It's true, workability is a little better with 3m, but gloss is a winner with Menz
  5. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    There might be just haven't found it yet-lol. I like Ultrafina for its ease of use, but if you want the best gloss level go with 85RD, just remember heat is your friend with 85RD.:thumb:
  6. Mike Murphy

    Mike Murphy Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Where are you located? I have a new bottle of it and if shipping isn't too much I will send some out to you to try.
  7. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    85rd.. hands down!It really burnishes the clear coat noticeably better than the UF
  8. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    PO85RD is some great stuff, wow! I have a bottle of it and I use it as much as I can! Hey, almost no dusting either!!!
  9. kenny1775

    kenny1775 Jedi Nuba

    Much appreciated Mike, but with all of the recommendations that have come in on this stuff I think I'll just go ahead and order up a quart for myself to play with. :afro:
  10. SuperBee364

    SuperBee364 Birth of a Detailer

    Through another vote in for po85rd. I use UF as well as the entire menz line, and i loooooove UF. *But* if you just gotta have the very best shine you can get without using a cheater, po85rd and FPII just can't be beat. FPII is *the very finest* finishing polish there is, IMO, but it does take numerous applications (read: alot of work and time) to get it to it's fullest potential. PO85RD gets you darn near as close, with alot less work. Although on soft clears, you'd be better off with the FPII (it won't take as many applications to get full gloss with it on soft clears, either).

    UF = quick, easy, good compounding clean up, good shine

    po855rd = phenomenal gloss, no compounding clean up, very long working time.

    You gotta make sure your finish is 99.9% perfect before using PO8RD or FPII, though, cause neither has any game when it comes to correcting or removing swirls (even polishing swirls are a reach for 85rd and fpII).
  11. kenny1775

    kenny1775 Jedi Nuba

    Thanks SuperBee, I think you know what I'm looking for :chitchat:

    I didn't think to mention it before, but 99% of my work is on Honda/Acura paint (I work at an Acura Dealership), which is pretty soft clear. Heck, I've induced swirl marks using clean microfibres on some of my cars in the past :shrug:

    Is FPII a version of 85RD, or does it have a totally different product code?
  12. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    They are different.
  13. SuperBee364

    SuperBee364 Birth of a Detailer

    Oh man.. if you're working alot on Hondas, you'll probably want to steer clear of the PO85RD, then. I just got off the phone with Greg Nichols, and his experiences with PO85RD and soft paint are the same as mine: the stuff doesn't work well on soft finishes at all. I tried it on a black honda, and it looked like I had just gottten finished *compounding* it. And this was PO8RD and a red finishing pad. I switched over to FPII and it turned out beautifully. But then again, PO85RD is a ceramiclear rated polish, so it's not really intended for soft clears anyway.

    They are different product codes... Final Polish II is actually marketed under a different name now.. It's now "Micro Polish".... PO87MC.
  14. kenny1775

    kenny1775 Jedi Nuba

    This is why I love these forums... You're a lifesaver SuperBee :worship2:

    Looks like Micro Polish just made it to the top of my wish list :thumb:
  15. JLs Detailing

    JLs Detailing DB Pro Supporter

    Well I'm in the minority here but I much prefer UF to 85rd. The ease of use and ability to clean up compounding marks rates it higer for me. Also to me and its all subjective so take what I say as just that subjective but the gloss level increase of 85rd over UF is negligble. Now I'll put Scholl Concepts S40 up against any finishing polish for ease of use, clean up and gloss level. S40 is a winner.
  16. kenny1775

    kenny1775 Jedi Nuba

    JL... you're killing me :wall:
  17. pirex

    pirex DB Certified Dealer

    I agree
  18. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Hey Supe, I have a sample of PO85RD and my Acura Integra so I'm going to be the stubborn one and try using PO85RD on my car, hehe. We'll see how it goes but I'll definitely look into PO87MC. Ultrafina does a great job but I'm still interested to see what a Menz finishing polish can do for me. :p:
  19. togwt

    togwt Nuba Guru

    For gloss Menz hands down, my one and only problem with the line in outside heat/humidity.

    See also Polishing - Menzerna Polishes -
  20. kenny1775

    kenny1775 Jedi Nuba

    This is what my process is like for making these decisions:

    1) I start the thread

    2) After my favourite Pros weigh in, I go online and put that product in my "Shopping Cart"

    3) After my other favourite Pros weigh in, I then take that original item out of the shopping cart, and put the second item in the cart.

    4) I pretend to work for a bit so the Boss doesn't fire my a$$.

    5) I go home, have a few beers, check the thread one last time, then pull the trigger :ar15:

    - It's 20 minutes till closing time :thumb:

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