1. Mk6_Patrick23

    Mk6_Patrick23 New Member

    What kind of tire shine does everybody use, and has the best luck with? Looking for one that does not sling. I have been using Griots Black Shine for several months since it has come out, I apply on dry a tire, let it soak in, spray tire with an air hose in the tread of the tire, and then rub with a towel to dry. This is a very good tire shine and I love it, but sometimes, especially on performance tires, or off road tires, ones with aggressive sidewalls and tread, the tire shine tends to sling. I have also tried Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel, which works wonders, but hard to apply on off road tires. What does everyone recommend?

  2. Ocho

    Ocho New Member

    I have tried several products, but one of my favorites is CarPro PERL. let it dry for a about 30 min before driving and it shouldn't sling.
  3. JordanL

    JordanL Virgin Detailer

    Carpro PERL, Opti Bond, Adams VRT, Adams Tire Shine are all great choices if I should name a few.
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  4. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

  5. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    Sounds like you're using water based and silicone based. I'd stick to water based because it's easier to apply and is not as greasy. Opti bond is very nice and cost effective. Adams super vrt and carpro perl are also nice and can be used on different parts of the car.
  6. Mk6_Patrick23

    Mk6_Patrick23 New Member

    Thanks for the replies! I will have to purchase all of those and give them a try! I will also look for a water based dressing to try. I believe Chemical Guys makes some that I'll have to buy. Has anyone tried the Dub Tire Shine by Meguiars? Its not a bad tire shine for the price.
  7. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    I've never been a fan of chemical guys i would they're certainly economical but imho there are better options.
  8. The Guz

    The Guz Member

    Some of my favorite tire dressings are Meguiar's D164 Tire & Trim Gel. Has a similar consistency to Adams SVRT. Blackfire Total Eclipse Tire Gel and Pinnacle Black Onyx. All are water based.

    I am currently giving Detailer's Pro Tire Coating a go right now.
  9. Tyler

    Tyler New Member

    I'm a huge fan of Chemical Guys and also Black Magic Gel.
  10. CarFreak

    CarFreak New Member

    anyone here who tried Hot Shine tires coating from Meguiars?

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